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Why every business owner should consider insurance with Denise Tulk



Why every business owner should consider insurance with Denise Tulk

Being self-employed comes with a lot of perks, but one thing that we don’t necessarily have access to is benefits.

For the first four years of my business, I never even considered why having insurance was important, but I should have been. That’s why we’re chatting with Denise Tulk today.

Denise has taught me a lot about not only how to protect myself but protect my family.

Denise has been in the insurance business for over 11 years and has owned her agency in Stoney Creek since October 2018. She lives in Grimsby on the Lake with her husband Matt and their Boston Terrier Lola.

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She has recently purchased a commercial building as her new office space, which you’ll hear about in our conversation.

Let’s dive in and learn:
  • The three types of insurance every entrepreneur should have
  • The difference between life insurance, critical illness insurance, and disability insurance
  • How to pick the right insurance for yourself and your employees
  • How Denise uses online marketing to differentiate her business
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