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6 Best Practices to Perfect Your Email Subject Lines



6 Best Practices to Perfect Your Email Subject Lines

Learn to write email subject lines with these six different practices to see improvements in your open rates, click-through rates and more!

When it comes to email marketing, you only have a few words to grab someone’s attention and make sure they open your email.

I’m talking about email subject lines.

A good subject line means that your potential client will click on your email, read it, and hopefully follow your call to action.

A not-so-great subject line will get your email deleted. Period. You know it, we all do it all the time.

So let’s talk about some simple best practices for email subject lines. Let’s get your email open rates up!

#1 Short and Sweet

A subject line that is too long, confusing, or boring is likely to be ignored.

Focus on delivering a clear and concise message that will entice the reader to click through to your email.

Also, the majority of your audience is going to be using their mobile phones to read emails…

So the shorter subject lines are more likely to be read on mobile devices vs being cut off.

#2 Personalize the Tone

Generic subjects like “Update” or “Newsletter” are often overlooked in people’s inboxes.

But when people see their name in the subject line, they are more likely to open the email because it will catch their attention differently.

I also suggest using the recipient’s name in the body of the email to increase engagement further and make the email seem like you wrote it for them personally.

Personalizing your emails can increase open rates and improve your email marketing results.

#3 Use Urgency Sparingly

My third tip for you is about urgency.

One critical mistake that many entrepreneurs make is using urgency too frequently in their email subject lines.

If everything is urgent, then nothing is.

Instead, save urgency for when it is warranted, and you’re likely to see a marked increase in your open rates.

Another thing to remember is that people are bombarded with emails every day, and most of the emails they receive contain urgent language in the subject line.

I’ve found that people have become desensitized to urgency and are more likely to ignore an email containing it.

Instead, try using alternatives, such as promoting a sale or special offer, to increase your open rates…

Or lead with value and speak to that person directly.

#4 Test, Test, Test

Testing is the most effective step to take, no matter what you are working on in the online world.

You need to test, test and test some more.

You can test a few things, such as the length of the subject line, emojis, the level of urgency, and even the language used.

By testing various subject lines, you can increase your chances of getting people to open your emails and take action on your message.

#5 Reflection of the Email

Another thing I notice people do is to use a random subject line to get people to open the email…

… but then it has nothing to do with the actual email content.

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It’s essential to ensure that your subject line accurately reflects the content of the email.

If your subject line is misleading, the people getting the email may delete your email without even reading it.

And if you regularly send emails with misleading subject lines, recipients may eventually stop opening your emails altogether.

To avoid these pitfalls, take the time to craft a subject line that accurately reflects the content of your email.

Not only will this help ensure that your emails are read, but it will also build trust with your subscribers.

#6 Avoid Spammy Words

And my last tip for you is to avoid spamming words!

Email providers are constantly on the lookout for spam and use various methods to identify it.

One of these methods is to look for specific keywords that spammers commonly use.

If your subject line is full of spam words, you’ll cause your email to be flagged as spam and sent straight to the recipient’s junk folder.

Not only will this decrease the chances of your email being read, but it will also reflect poorly on your brand.

To avoid being flagged as spam, use straightforward language in your subject line and avoid any words commonly associated with spam emails.

Check out the podcast or YouTube for some examples of spammy words you want to avoid – and for a deep dive into email subject line best practices.

If you want to leverage your marketing efforts for your business (so you can have more quality time with yourself and your loved ones), I would love to share a comprehensive email marketing guide with you.

To access it, simply click here. See you next week where we deep dive into more strategies to optimize your business growth!

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