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How I Sold Out My Online Programs Using The Spotlight Theory with Nicole Boudreau



How I Sold Out My Online Programs Using The Spotlight Theory with Nicole Boudreau

Scaling Your Business

Focusing on Scaling Your Business?

You’ve heard me talk a lot about scaling your business, lead generation strategies, email marketing funnels, and organic vs. paid marketing. There’s a reason why I’m so passionate about these topics when it comes to building your business.

In this episode, my friend and student Nicole Boudreau joins me to talk about her experience in my signature program, the Spotlight Theory, and how it helped her book out her services, scale her business, and create a holistic marketing strategy.

We talk about: 

  • [2:20] How the Spotlight Theory helped Nicole grow her business since 2020
  • [8:00] The benefits of learning how to build a business on social media, but also through email and lead generation strategies
  • [9:00] The ACCC Formula
  • [14:30] The steps you will take in the program to bring your business to life
  • [20:00] How the Spotlight Theory can help other entrepreneurs
  • [21:45] Nicole’s advice for someone looking to take this course
  • [25:50] What you get as part of the program

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Enter to win: Leave a rating and review every single month for a chance to win a free membership to the social media automation Bootcamp. Winners will be chosen monthly!
  • Join the Spotlight Theory

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If Scaling Your Business is a goal for you; Listen in to this episode!

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