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How to Create a Waitlist When You Have Too Many Clients



How to Create a Waitlist When You Have Too Many Clients

Being busy can be good for business, but being busy can also mean way more work than you can handle.

The pressure and stress are one thing when it’s too overwhelming. But when that leads to burnout…

That’s when you start to miss deadlines and do shoddy work…

Which might lead to a bad review, and you don’t need that in your life.

So, despite the need for revenue and the importance of building a well-known brand, it’s important to know that not every client is meant for you and/or that maybe the time simply just isn’t right.

Today, let’s look at building a pipeline of clients and then creating a waitlist for when (yes, when) you have too many clients. Before that, let’s establish:

Your Dream Client

So who is your dream client?

We’ve already discussed dream clients in a general sense, but if we’re getting specific, your dream client really falls in line with your “audience persona.”

This is a general profile that you mould, and this profile represents your true ideal dream client, the person who would benefit most from your services.

Figuring out who your buyer persona is at first can be a challenge, but I do have a video covering that specifically, which I’ll link in the description of this week’s video.

You will also need a lead magnet.

It’s through lead magnets that you’ll be able to create an email list of your potential and, if done right, dream clients.

With their contact information in hand, you get to update your prospects regularly about your offers.

Create a Waitlist

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being in a line…

But at the same time, I appreciate their relevance, especially when I am at the front of the line.

Lines ensure orderliness and punctuality.

They also show how serious you are for waiting for what is at the end of the line.

Staying in a burger line for three hours shows you want that burger.

A waitlist, as the name implies, is simply a waiting list.

See Also

Booked Out Webinars and Calendar

It is a list of your clients waiting for an available date to be attended to by you.

Instead of closing the doors to your business for some time because of your workload, a waitlist allows you to work on your projects while getting new clients to work with when you are done with your current workload.

And guess what, when you’re free, you get to take your time to sift through the waitlist to pick dream clients instead of just working with anyone.

Great, right?

Organize your Calendar

A big tip when thinking about creating a waitlist is to organize your calendar.

What does your calendar show? A busy schedule for the next three months? Or for the next six months?

Your calendar shows how active you are. It also shows your free time.

By organizing your calendar, you can decide on how many clients you can realistically handle.

The rest need to go on a waitlist.

There is a lot more to cover on the topic of creating a waitlist, so go ahead and click on this week’s episode for the lowdown!

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