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How to Structure a High Converting Ad: As it Relates to Podcasting



How to Structure a High Converting Ad: As it Relates to Podcasting

How to Structure a High Converting Ad: As it Relates to a Podcast

Wondering how you can structure a high-converting ad for your podcast? Here’s what you need to know!

This is the second episode of our four-part series with my friend Simona from the As It Relates to Podcasting podcast!

Today I’m going to take you through the different types of ads that you can run for your podcast and the structure of your ad copy.

It’s my tried and true strategy, but we are tailoring it to podcasters this time.

We want podcasters to know precisely how to use these ads to get more listeners!

There are three different types of ads that I like to run.

I want to run a video ad, and I like image ads with long-form and short-form copy.

I can test and find out exactly what my audience likes with three different types of ads.

I could place the same ad on my account in your account, and we will get different results because we’re targeting other people, and our audience interacts with us differently.

Video Ads

There are multiple ways to run video ads.

You can have an ad that shows only in stories on Instagram and Facebook.

You can have a video that is a horizontal video that is more like a promotion of your ad or your podcast.

You could have just short clips of your podcast episodes. You could have a voiceover. You can just do the audio.

There are different types of videos you can run on social media, and it really comes down to testing.

Different lengths of videos are essential to pay attention to and to keep in mind.

Long and Short Form Ads With Image

Video ads are not for everyone, so you must look at image ads with long-form and short-form copy.

In selecting an image for your ad, you have several good options.

You have the option of doing your cover photo for your podcast.

However, a more effective ad will be an image of you – even if it’s just a selfie!

People want to know behind the scenes, they want to see the person, and they want to know why you’re doing this.

They want to see what you’re all about.

In terms of length, write a long-form ad and a short-form ad and then test!

See which one your audience appreciates more!

Let’s talk about writing the ad copy and how to structure your ad to draw in your audience.

Ad Structure: Hook, Value, and Call to Action

Like all ads, your podcast ad will need a hook, a value section, and a call to action at the end.

The hook makes sure that you’re grabbing someone’s curiosity.

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You’re not vomiting everything out in the first sentence; you’re encouraging them to want to read more.

As soon as they click on read more, you start building that value-based content.

The value section will primarily determine the length of your ad copy.

In the value section, you’re speaking to your dream client. You’re touching on their pain points and being a human being behind them.

And the last piece is the call to action.

And this is something that 99% of people miss, and they feel uncomfortable doing it.

They won’t do anything if you’re not telling someone what to do next.

And then people ask, why am I not getting people to click on the link to my podcast?

You need to tell them precisely what to do, and it needs to be super precise.

I find that when people start to think about calls to action, they get overwhelmed. It doesn’t need to be fancy or super creative.

If you want them to click a link, click the link below.

We’ve covered different types of ads and ad structures.

In this week’s episode, Simona and I go into a deep dive on how to run your video and image ads, so make sure you check it out right away!

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