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Paid Ads and Podcasting: As It Relates to Podcasting



Paid Ads and Podcasting: As It Relates to Podcasting

Paid Ads and Podcasting: As It Relates to Podcasting | Lisa Anne Coaching

Let’s talk about paid ads and podcasting.

This week’s podcast is special.

Instead of doing my usual hosting gig, I’m being hosted by Simona from The As It Relates to Podcasting podcast.

In fact, over the next four episodes, Simona and I are diving into the nitty gritty when creating and running ads on social media for a podcast!

Starting with week one…

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We’re talking about what you need to prepare before you start running ads, how to set up your ads account, the different ads you can run, and more.

We talk about all things paid ads including: 

  • What do you need to have prepared to run paid ads on your podcast
  • Tips for setting up the backend of your Meta Business Account
  • Knowing who you’re talking to online and having an ideal client persona
  • Running video vs. image ads
  • Ad budget expectations
Listen in to the full episode here:

If you want to understand how you can leverage other marketing strategies like email marketing to take your brand to the next level, I would love to share my comprehensive email marketing guide. It contains proven and tested strategies I’ve used to supercharge brands of my clientele.

To access it, click here.

See you next week, where we will deep dive into more strategies to optimize your business growth!

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