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Understanding That 1 Person You Are Talking Too



Understanding That 1 Person You Are Talking Too

Meet Caitlin

Caitlin is a 35-year-old entrepreneur who is just starting her family. She’s been in business for 8 years and works one on one with clients.

Caitlin is a go-getter. One of those girls who you have no idea how she achieves so much.

Her business is her passion, and she has big goals that she knows isn’t out of reach.

Caitlin is active, adventurous and always working on bettering herself.

Caitlin’s business has been hitting the 6-figure mark for the last 5 years, but she’s ready to grow even more.

The issue is…

Caitlin has no more time or energy to give. She can only achieve those results if she says goodbye to her personal life.

Caitlin loves hanging out with her family and girlfriends, but she feels alone and that no one gets her drive.

Caitlin surrounds herself with podcasts such as Gary Vee, Rachel Hollis, and Gabrielle Bernstein. But she is also obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, Making a Murder and Sons of Anarchy.

Caitlin’s one burning desire right now is hitting her financial and entrepreneurial goals while gaining back the time and freedom to be more present with her baby and husband.

I feel like I know her from the inside out, and everything I do, I’m speaking to Caitlin.

Want to know something even cooler?

There are a million Caitlins out there.

Did I describe you at all?

Or maybe someone you know?

Think about what I just did.

I spoke to my dream client and student. But I also spoke and connected with you.

Buyer Persona

Understanding your audience is one of the essential parts of growing your business’ social media presence.

Knowing who you are talking to on social media answers most of the questions you have, such as what type of content you should make and publish when to publish your content, and what social media platforms your business or brand should be on.

But how do you understand that ONE person you are talking to on social media?

It will sound odd, but you do that by creating an imaginary version of them.

With so many users on every social channel, it would be a challenge to understand each user.

To overcome this, we have a marketing strategy called creating a Buyer Persona.

This can also be called a customer persona, audience persona, marketing persona or your ICA.

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What Information to Understand

The first step to creating a buyer persona is to collect data on existing customers and your various social media audiences.

We do this by looking at both demographic as well as psychographic information.

The demographic data of your audience includes facts that help in explaining WHO the user is.

Psychographics explain “why” they buy.

Demographics is the study of generalized factors such as age, sex, race, income level, employment, location, homeownership, and education level.

How to Collect Data

Now that we know what data needs to be analyzed and understood, it’s time to address how to gather it and best make sense of it.

Although various methods work best for either demographic or psychographic data, here are three strategies that can be used for both.

1. Channel Stalking

2. Conducting Surveys

3. Analyzing Groups

I talk about all three strategies in-depth in this week’s episode. What are you waiting for? Watch the video above for the whole story!

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