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5 Time Sucking Tasks You Can STOP Doing on Social Media



5 Time Sucking Tasks You Can STOP Doing on Social Media

Like most business owners, you feel like there is never enough time to get everything done. One of the biggest time sucks is coming up with content for social media marketing.

Whether it’s deciding small things such as what type of content to create or a much more complicated task as the exact content should be, it can be challenging and time-consuming.

The solution?

A 5 step system.

#1 Curate Content For Inspiration

There is a lot of excellent content posted on every social media platform by brands very similar to yours.

One of the most creative things you can do with these posts is to use them as inspiration for your content rather than envy them.

It can be images, videos, or just text.

Then curate everything that fits your business’ niche and goals.

Finally, imitate that content to make your social media posts.

But let me be the first to remind you that the idea here is not to steal your competitor’s content.

Perhaps you’ll find something your competitors often talk about.

You can then consider what they don’t mention and maybe bring attention to that if you have something unique to share about it.

#2 Use Templates

Instead of starting from scratch, using templates is a faster and easier way to create content for social media.

Templates, either personally made by you or someone else, can be a lifesaver and time-saver.

You can find templates online like headline templates, copywriting templates, calendar templates, and so much more.

The idea here is that by using ready-made and working templates for a specific part of your social media marketing, your marketing efforts and time are well-organized and well-managed.

#3 Batching Content

The idea of batching content is to write everything in one sitting.

It might sound like it’s a lot of work, but it will actually allow you to be more efficient and productive by focusing on a single task all at once.

For example, one day, you can choose to plan all your social media posts for the following month.

And then, on another day, you will use your time to create those posts.

With this method, you will have more time to figure out what your content should be rather than rushing to create new content every single day, on the day it should be going live.

Batching content saves you time, allows your content aesthetic or style to be more consistent, ensures you don’t miss a day of uploading and last of all: it’s going to make you feel REALLY GOOD about yourself.

#4 Schedule Your Posts

Do you manually post your content on different social media platforms every single day?

On a daily, let’s say that you post at least 2 pieces of content on 3 platforms and at different times.

Well, that can be time-consuming.

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And not only that.

Aside from taking too much of your time, posting manually also reduces the effectiveness of your content.

How is that?

Well, if your business targets not only local audiences and you post during a time that’s convenient for you but not for them, you are losing a massive amount of engaging traffic.

So, what’s the solution?

Imagine what it would be like to open your social media accounts for just a few minutes a day to answer queries, make connections, and engage with your clients or customers.

AND you’re doing that without being worried about what new content is going live on your different social media profiles because. It’s already taken care of! And it’s posting at times when you can engage your audience most effectively! WIN-WIN.

#5 Make Use of Paid Ads to Put Your Posts in Front of Your Dream Client

Having traffic from organic sources is nice, but for a lot of businesses, especially those who are starting BUT…they shouldn’t be too dependent on just posting content on social media and hoping that their target audience would find and engage with their post organically.

Although it is possible to reach a portion of your target market organically using SEO and such, it can be challenging, it will take time, and it’s risky.

With so many posts being published every day on various social media platforms, your brand’s content has a tiny chance of standing out.

To solve that, use ads and treat it as an investment rather than just another expense.

With paid ads, you amplify your chance of getting seen and recognized among a sea of content.

It put your posts in front of people and not just random people but your dream audience.

Time is a very precious commodity, and there are lots of ways you can manage your time. It just takes some planning. Click through to my video to find out much more (spoiler: I walk you through HOW to schedule your social media posts!)

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