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Use Live Stream to Profit with Ashley Ann



Use Live Stream to Profit with Ashley Ann

Leveraging Live Streaming to Boost Business Profits | Lisa Anne Coaching

Learn how to leverage live streaming to boost profits in your business and bottom line with my guest Ashley Ann.

In this episode, we cover:

Ashley Ann’s Journey into Livestreaming

Discover how Ashley Ann found her way into the world of live streaming and the impact it has had on her entrepreneurial endeavours.

Balancing Client Work and Building Your Own Business

Learn valuable insights on effectively managing your time and energy to succeed in both client work and building your own business.

Results Achievable through Livestreaming

Explore the power of live streaming and the tangible outcomes entrepreneurs can expect when incorporating it into their strategies.

Choosing the Best Livestreaming Platforms

Get a breakdown of the pros and cons of different live-streaming platforms, helping you make informed decisions for engaging your audience.

The 80/20 Rule for Content Creation

Discover how to maximize your impact by focusing on the most effective content creation methods, saving time and energy.

Frequency and Consistency in Livestreaming

Gain practical advice on how often you should livestream to keep your audience engaged and maintain a consistent presence.

Engaging Your Audience in Livestreams

Learn expert tips on getting your audience excited and involved in your live streams, creating a more interactive experience.

Integrating Other Content Forms into Livestreams

Explore how to leverage your existing content, such as podcasts, to enhance your live streaming and provide added value to your audience.

Multiple Platforms vs. Focused Livestreaming

Consider the pros and cons of live streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously or focusing on one platform at a time.

Livestream Software Recommendations

Discover recommended tools and platforms that can elevate your live streaming experience and improve your content delivery.

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Key Advice for Entrepreneurs

Gain Ashley Ann’s one key piece of advice for all entrepreneurs, offering wisdom and motivation for your entrepreneurial journey.

Watch the Full Episode here:

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Who is Ashley Ann?

Ashley Ann of Ashley Ann’s Events is a talented, award-winning wedding and event designer, a biz builder, public speaker, and social media strategist. Ashley currently travels the United States speaking to small business owners, side hustlers, wedding and event industry professionals, and those who are thinking of starting a business.

Ashley Ann has helped over 11,000 individuals monetize their social media and over 700 people create 6 figure incomes. She has currently helped 146 people create 7-figure incomes, and 9 of her clients are consistently doing million-dollar months.

She has also helped over 1000 businesses generate $25K- $45K per month using Facebook and Live Stream. Ashley Ann gives free business tips and strategy classes on her Livestream Monday through Thursday.

Ashley Ann is a Google Partner, been featured on Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Life, CNN Money, Kontrol, MSN, Breitbart, NewBreak, Business Insider, Newsweek, CNBC, Sheen, Morning Mix Up, Doz, Rolling Out Magazine, Fox News, KATV, WoW City, STAND’s 30 Under 30, and several other media outlets and publications.

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