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How To Structure Your Weekly Content For Maximum Impact Online



How To Structure Your Weekly Content For Maximum Impact Online

How To Structure Your Weekly Content For Maximum Impact Online

Let’s make content creation easier for you. I will share how I structure my weekly content for maximum impact online.

If you start with a structure, you will save so much time and energy in the future. You can create a design for every week of your entire year.

Set it and forget it? Yes, please!

Let’s get right to it!

Structure: Start With the Core, Then Split It

Every week, I start with one core piece of content: my podcast episode.

Why do I start with my podcast episodes as my core?


It’s the most value-based content I have to share.

It hits on particular topics and helps you achieve your goals the most, AND I can use it to create lots of other content.

You don’t have to use a podcast episode: other core content options could be a youtube episode, blog, or even live on social media.

As I said, my podcast is the core content I release weekly.

Now that one podcast episode turns into a long-form video on Youtube.

It also turns into a blog post.

Using the Core For Promotion

When all these pieces of content are ready, I start to promote them.

That one podcast episode turns into audio clips on social media.

That one youtube episode turns into multiple reels, TikTok videos and youtube shorts.

That one blog turns into multiple quotes on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

And lastly, it turns into multiple emails that I send to my email list to provide them with value…

… and to let them know it’s life for them to consume.

The Easy Button for Content Creation

One main piece of content just turned into:

  • Podcast Episode
  • Youtube episode
  • Blog post
  • Audio clips
  • Reels
  • TikTok videos
  • Youtube short
  • Instagram post
  • Facebook post
  • LinkedIn pos
  • Pinterest Pi
  • Emails.

You can see why I strongly recommend repurposing content when considering your year plan. It creates an easy-to-follow structure that you can plan.

Not Just Easy, But Effective

Think about it this way…

When you break down a podcast episode into smaller pieces, you can hit on your audience in multiple ways with one conversation.

Some people might prefer to watch the YouTube video

Others might prefer to read the blog post or listen to the podcast episode.

By offering your content in different formats, you’re not just creating multiple pieces of content…

You are also increasing the chances that someone will consume it.

You are essentially meeting your audience wherever they are hanging out that day.

Example From Instagram

Let’s break it down even more and focus on Instagram alone with that one core content.

See Also

Email Content

We could post multiple reels…

Post multiple quotes pulled from the episode.

We could make multiple audio clips…

And even a promotional post for the podcast in one week.

Usually, I pull 2-3 quotes, 2-3 audio files and 2-3 short video clips per episode, which gives me nine different things to post on Instagram alone.

Keep It Simple!

Many people overcomplicate content creation.

I don’t want you to fall into that trap.

You will waste a lot of valuable time and energy.

So let’s leave it with this for today:

Don’t overcomplicate your online content strategy; repurpose your core content for maximum impact.

This way, you’ll stay true to your brand while reaching more people with your message.

To start…

Begin with your most value-based piece of content, brainstorm all of the different ways it could be presented and start creating!

If you like, you can plan out every week’s topic for the year or do it quarterly, monthly, or bi-weekly. The more you plan, the easier it will be.

Check out this week’s podcast if that is your preferred way to tune in! I’ll see you there!

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