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Learning to Handle Mental Health Issues When Running Your Own Business



Learning to Handle Mental Health Issues When Running Your Own Business

Entrepreneurship and mental health

Title: Learning to Handle Mental Health Issues When Running Your Own Business

Let’s talk about Entrepreneurship and be really open.

Being an entrepreneur is hard.

You have to wear a lot of hats, you have to be constantly hustling, and you have to put yourself out there.

It’s no wonder that so many entrepreneurs experience mental health issues.

The good news is that you’re not alone.

The bad news is that these mental health issues can be debilitating if you don’t know how to handle them.

In this week’s episode on the More Than Social Podcast, Dawn Tayler and I talk about entrepreneurship and dive deep into the topic most avoid talking about:

We talk about:

  • Why we don’t want to talk about trauma
  • Using the Feelings Wheel to dig deep into your emotions
  • Why putting a bandaid on our emotions isn’t helpful
  • How to create boundaries if you’re struggling with depression or anxiety
  • Setting boundaries without harming someone else
  • Why do we judge ourselves

Dawn is a Life Coach with over 1000 hours of training who offers her clients “A Safe Place to Land” as she passionately helps them to find their worth and learn to live and love themselves.

Having struggled with gut-wrenching depression, a broken back, sexual abuse by an uncle (coupled with a lack of belief from her family), a severe eating disorder, attempted suicide and a brain aneurysm which affected her memory, appearance and health – all before she was 18 years old – Dawn learned to become a fighter and a SURVIVOR.

She then went on to deal with infertility and losing her identity in who she was and what she thought she should be.

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Through incredible strength, an insane amount of hope, a belief in herself and a stubbornness that would have made her fun to raise, she has fought to become the woman she is today:

A successful business owner, coach, wife and volunteer to the hurt.

Her deepest desire is to turn everyone she meets into their own rockstar through her strategy-based coaching practice.

She specializes in anxiety and depression and in overcoming the traumas that have happened in their lives that hold them back.

From personal to business to marriage coaching and everything in between, Dawn will help you set a new standard, step up and master the life that you want!

If you want to leverage your marketing efforts for your business (so you can have more quality time with yourself and your loved ones), I would love to share a comprehensive email marketing guide with you.

To access it, simply click here. See you next week where we deep dive into more strategies to optimize your business growth!

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