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Guide to Setting Up An Automated Webinar



Guide to Setting Up An Automated Webinar

Guide to Setting Up An Automated Webinar

Like most people, you probably think doing a live automated webinar is the only way to go.

But what if I told you that there’s an easier way?

An easier way where we don’t have to worry about time zones or coordinating schedules?

That’s right; I’m talking about an automated webinar.

Automated webinars will help you increase your sales and grow your business while you sleep, travel, hang out with your friends and family, or work on other aspects of your business.

An automated webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that you give people access to, and they can watch it on their own time.

Now I want to say that live webinars, based on my experience, do convert better because they have that live aspect with you.

That converting live webinar, however, is the one you can automate.

So let’s get into what it takes to set up an automated webinar.

If you haven’t downloaded my webinar setup checklist yet, it will be very similar.

Step #1 – Have A Pre-Recorded Automated Webinar

So the first thing you need to do is to determine your webinar topic and record an actual webinar presentation.

From an automated side of things, I recommend making sure that you do your webinar live first and that it is a high-converting webinar before you turn it on-demand or automate it.

The reason why I recommend this is because so many times, people put time and effort into creating an on-demand aspect for the webinar without realizing or testing the market and knowing that it works.

When you run a webinar live, you’ll be able to tweak the webinar based on the feedback you were getting or the back-end performance you get after the webinar is done.

Step #2 – Choose Your Automated Webinar Hosting Platform

When I did the episode about setting up your webinar online, I talked about using a couple of different platforms.

When you are doing an automated webinar, I recommend using EverWebinar or Demio.

The reason why I don’t recommend Zoom for this is that you don’t get the advanced features that we need to track the performance of the automated webinar.

Once you have that aspect set up, then we are going to need to have a webinar registration page.

Step #3 – Webinar Registration Page

This would be similar to your registration page if you did it live.

You need a single page where people can enter their name and email to access this free webinar.

On that page, you will let them know that it is a replay, and they can get instant access by entering their contact information.

I’ve been this program for years for every webinar and every single lead magnet I offer to my audience.

If you want to check it out, check out this link to a 2-week free trial.

Once your registration page is completed, the next page in your funnel you have to develop is sending them directly to the webinar.

Step #4 – Direct to Your Automated Webinar

This is different from a live webinar because typically, if they register for live webinars, we would direct them to a thank you page, reminding them of the date and time they just registered for.

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However, you would send them directly to watch the video because they are getting instant access.

Step #5 – Set Up Email Marketing

Once your entire registration page is completed and you know that it automatically sends instant access to the webinar, your next piece of the puzzle is your email marketing.

To automatically send out those emails to everyone who registers for the automated webinar, you must integrate your registration page with your email autoresponder.

Depending on what program you use to build out the registration page, they should have an integration that easily connects these two pieces of the puzzle.

I personally run all my emails and funnels (and everything else I do for digital marketing) in this all-in-one program.

Step #6 – Promote the Webinar

You are looking to get as many people to register for this webinar, go through and watch the webinar, read all the emails, and automatically turn them into paying clients.

As I mentioned, one of my favourite aspects of working in the online world is that it’s a big numbers game.

Once you have at least 100 people going through your system, then you will know precisely what is working and what isn’t working.

If they are landing on your registration page but not registering, you know that you either have to change the front-end marketing or tweak the registration page and so on.

Don’t forget to download my FREE webinar checklist and check out this week’s episode so you can get your webinar ready to run automatically.

If you want to learn more about running ads for your webinar. Click here.

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