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Online Webinar Benchmarks Every Entrepreneur Should Know



Online Webinar Benchmarks Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Webinar Benchmarks Every Entrepreneur Should Know

There are so many moving parts when it comes to running an online webinar. It might feel a little overwhelming.

However, it is so so SO important to pay attention to your online webinar stats.

In this episode, let’s look at what you can expect from an online webinar stat perspective and give you some clear benchmarks to work towards and surpass.

I also include my FREE downloadable webinar checklist!

Excel Time!

When looking at your online webinar stats, I suggest creating an Excel document to track each webinar’s performance.

If you are doing online webinars live, after every live webinar, you’d want to fill in the stats, look at the results, and then make some tweaks before your next live webinar.

If you are doing on-demand webinars – meaning that they are constantly running and people can get access to them instantly without you having to be live – what I suggest doing is on one day of the month, add your stats to that Excel document.

Check the results from the past month, make some tweaks and then re-check in another month.

What To Track

Inside the Excel document, what I typically track is:

  • Webinar topic and focus
  • How many people register for the webinar
  • How much did you spend on ads for the webinar
  • How much does it cost you per registration
  • How many people showed up live to the webinar
  • What that percentage is compared to how many registered
  • How many people did not show up to the live webinar, and what is that percentage is
  • How many back and offers have you received

Online Webinar Benchmarks to Watch For

When it comes to benchmarks or stats that you can pay attention to or strive towards…

You can look at your registration costs.

Depending on your industry, you can expect to get registrations between $5 and $20- which is pretty typical.

For example, with one of my mortgage agent clients, we are currently running a lead ad to get people registered for her webinar; she is averaging between $5 to $6 per registration.

Whereas with another client who certifies life coaches.

They average anywhere from $12 to $15 a lead.

With this one, the goal is to find your baseline and then always make tweaks to get your registration cost lower and lower.

You’ll want to pay attention to your show-up percentage.

From a show-up benchmark for you, the standard is 20% of those who will show up live.

You can make specific tweaks to increase the show-up rates, but typically, hitting that 20% or slightly above should be the benchmark you shoot for.

The next benchmark that you can pay attention to is your closing percentage.

This could be from a booking side of things or a product or course sales side of things.

Typically you see anywhere from a 3 to 5% close percentage, which will depend on how amazing you did on your online webinar.

If you haven’t listened to the episode where I talk about coming up with the right webinar topic, I want you to listen to episode #43 on the more than social podcast called “How To Create A Compelling Webinar Topic.”

I break down all the information on what you should do to ensure a very effective webinar.

This will impact your closing ratio.

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When you add these to your Excel document, your goal is to make tweaks to get better and better over time.

Another benchmark you want to track is your email sequences.

Your goal for your email open rate should be anything above 20%.

Meaning 20% of the people who receive your email open the email.

From a click rate perspective, anything above 1% is a good goal.

Meaning 1% of the people who open the email will click on the link in the email and take the action you want them to take.

You name it, whether that’s sending them to a sales page or booking page.

I know a lot is going on when running an online webinar.

If you haven’t downloaded my online webinar checklist of everything that you need to do to set up an effective webinar, I’ll link that below for you to download.

Click here

This will give you insight into exactly what you can set up for your online webinar to automate as much as possible…

To set a solid foundation and then crush your online webinars for your business.

This is just an overview. To dig into this, check out this week’s episode here:

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