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Team, Clients, Success: How She Navigated it All to 6 Figures



Team, Clients, Success: How She Navigated it All to 6 Figures

6 Figure Business

Are you in the middle of your business journey, where you’re aiming for a 6 figure business?

If you are, you’re the first to know- it’s not just about racking up your numbers.

It’s all about building a team, nurturing your client relationships, and defining what success truly means to you.

In this episode of More Than Social Podcast, I sat down with Simona Constantini, where she explores her insights into client retention, growth strategies, team building, and the importance of aligning your core business to gain a 6 figure business.

Give it a listen here:

In this blog, we will dive deep into some key takeaways from my interview with Simona. Hopefully, this is a valuable resource to help you navigate your journey into a 6 figure business!

Tips To Get Your First Clients And Effective Lead Generation

In the early stages of your entrepreneurship, landing your first clients and discovering effective lead-generation sources can be daunting.

However, one key thing to note is the power of email marketing.

Email marketing remains a potent tool to help you reach out to potential clients. Aside from that, it also helps you nurture relationships. It’s not just about the quantity of leads you get but the quality of engagement and conversion you gain.

“I don’t think entrepreneurs fully grasp the power of their email list.”-Simona

Harnessing The Power Of Getting Referrals

There is tremendous success found in client referrals. Take it from Simona, whose agency operates on a 98% referral basis.

However, one thing to learn is that soliciting referrals shouldn’t always be the case. It can come organically if your team commits to satisfying clients by delivering quality work.

Pro tip: You can even sweeten the deal for your clients by offering referral bonuses. These referral bonuses can typically translate to a 10-20% reduction in the referring client’s monthly retainer, which brings a win-win situation for your business and your clients.

“I have referral bonuses for different levels, which is a nice incentive. My clients are getting a little kickback for referring me to someone they probably would have anyways.”-Simona

Want to learn more about referral programs? You’ll love this one (once you’re done here of course!)

Balancing Workload And Customer Experience

As your agency grows, you must balance increasing your workload and maintaining the ability to offer a top-notch customer experience.

You must emphasize the importance of a dedicated team aligning with your values.

Your strategy should involve identifying the tasks you don’t enjoy and delegating them to your team members whose skills align with those delegated tasks.

This will free up your time as a business owner and improve the quality of the service you offer to your clientele.

The Power Of Core Values

You must understand and integrate your core life values with your business decisions.

As for Simona, her core values include kindness, care, connection, and honesty.

“When you lead with kindness, you can automatically lead with connection, care, community, and honesty in business.”-Simona

Values like these can help shape your agency’s culture and client relationship.

Key Aspects Of Growing Your Team

Expanding your team is not easy. It’s a critical step to scale your business.

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Here are three key aspects you need to consider as you grow your team:

Mindset Shift: Overcoming the fear and control mindset is crucial. Trusting others to perform tasks is necessary for growth.

Align with Your Values: Ensure your team shares your values and vision to create synergy within the company.

Financial Considerations: Hiring a team may seem costly initially, but it leads to more time and opportunities.

Balancing Work and Life

Simona is a self-professed night owl who embraces flexibility in her work schedule.

Just like Simona, it’s important for you as a business owner to value the freedom to schedule your work around other commitments. This ensures you get a balanced life even as you work on your 6 figure business.

“It’s about putting the structure in place to support your life and the life you want to have. The work will always be there; how you structure your time is what matters.”-Simona

It is highly recommended that you set boundaries, which include scheduling emails to send during work hours to manage the expectations of your clients.

The Bottomline

Simona’s journey is similar to most entrepreneurs working their way to a 6 figure business.

From leveraging email marketing and referrals to creating a team that shares your values, all of these things are important for your roadmap to success.

If you want to understand how you can leverage email marketing to take your brand to the next level, I would love to share the comprehensive email marketing guide I made. It contains proven and tested strategies I’ve used to supercharge brands of my clientele.

To access it, DM me on Instagram @LisaAnneCoaching or check the link in this episode’s description.

Aside from that, if you want to dive deeper into Simona’s journey and insights, listen to the full podcast episode here

See you all next week, where you will learn more tips and strategies for building your 6 figure business!

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