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Revamping the Agency: Behind-the-Scenes of Our Website Redesign



Revamping the Agency: Behind-the-Scenes of Our Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Let’s talk about website redesign.

Are you struggling to attract the right clients for your business with your current website design??

Considering the crowded marketplace we navigate today, do you find it challenging to convey your message effectively to prove your worth?

If you’ve ever faced these common challenges, I assure you- you’re not alone. Many business owners struggle with the same issue, too.

As a business owner, I’ve also had my fair share of struggles behind the scenes of my digital marketing agency in the last eight years.

Aside from experiencing a journey of growth and transformation, our team has been on the verge of helping businesses through various strategies like paid advertising, sales funnel, email marketing, and other automation techniques.

Our ultimate goal has been to empower our clients to generate leads and boost sales.

But mind you, getting to do all these strategies for our clients wasn’t even the most challenging part- it was landing them as clients.

In this blog, I will provide an insightful overview of our agency developments focused on website design and branding that lead us to attract the right clients for our business. These insights will also help you uncover the best ways to navigate your client acquisition.

Whether you’re a loyal listener of the More Than Social Podcast, or a newcomer, your presence on this platform means the world.

If you want to dive deeper into insights on the behind-the-scenes of our website redesign, you can listen to our full podcast episode!

Let’s dive in and uncover some key lessons and strategies for your business!

The Power Of Visual Identity

Your journey begins with a significant realization.

You need to revisit your branding.

Remember that your brand is your first impression on potential clients. You must convey your values and mission accurately through branding and website design alone.

The Stock Media Action Plan

One significant aspect our team addressed was the visual identity of our agency. We made sure to evaluate our colour palette, logo, and overall design elements to ensure they align with the type of clients that we want to attract.

The Takeaway

Understanding the psychology of colours, shapes, and fonts will help you create a brand that resonates with your target audience. In our case, we wanted our brand to reflect the following:
Commitment to the client’s success

Websites vs. Funnels. A funnel takes your customers through a sales journey. A website is the brochure of your company.

The Power Of Messaging

Your brand’s message should evolve along with the growth of your business. Clarity in your messaging is of utmost importance. This will help you attract the RIGHT clients.

The Stock Media Action Plan

Our team started digging deep to identify our ideal clientele and the problems we could solve for them. At present, our message speaks directly to our client’s pain points, challenges, and inspiration.

The Takeaway

Aim to create an emotional connection that resonates with your clients. Position yourself as the solution your clients are searching for. You may not know, but the clarity in your messaging can become a secret weapon to communicate with your clients and even attract their attention effectively.

How are we showing up in the online world? What is the perception that we are coming across with? What are people expecting from us when they land on our website and our funnels or social media? There’s so much to it, and it really comes down to understanding your branding and if it’s going to attract the right people to you.

The Power Of Statistics

Do you know the ultimate pivotal moment in your business? That’s when you recognize the significance of your measurable results.

Your clients want proof that your services can deliver tangible benefits.

The Stock Media Action Plan

While we have diligently tracked our client’s success over the years, we have not showcased our agency’s achievements.

To remedy this, we compiled concrete statistics and results from our work. These numbers showed our ability to generate leads and drive client conversions.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re a fitness instructor showcasing weight loss success or a marketer like us highlighting lead generation figures, showing quantifiable results can be a game-changer for building trust with your potential clients.

The Power Of Website Design

With branding, messaging, and statistics in place, you can shift your focus to the actual functionality of your website.

You need to understand that your website is the online face of your agency. It needs to reflect the direction where you want your business to go.

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The Stock Media Action Plan

Simplicity was our guiding principle. We aimed to have a clean, user-friendly design that works seamlessly with our mobile devices.

The Takeaway

In today’s digital age, where mobile browsing is prevalent, you must ensure mobile optimization. A clutter-free, mobile-responsive design can make all the difference in keeping your visitors engaged. This will also prevent your visitors from getting distracted, which may lead them away from your website.

Look at your website and ask yourself, “is this doing the best job for you?” If not, make changes.

The Power Of Videos

Did you know incorporating videos into your website can be a game-changer for your business? Videos can offer you a unique opportunity to connect with your audience personally. This allows visitors to hear your voice, see your face, and understand your passion.

The Stock Media Action Plan

We added various videos to our website to seamlessly integrate videos into our strategy. This includes a brand introduction, client testimonial, and videos explaining our services.

The Takeaway

Testimonial videos can significantly impact building credibility and trust with your potential clients. Overall, videos’ authentic impact and personal touch can help you effectively convey your brand’s essence.

The Power Of Consistency

One thing you should never forget is how consistency is critical. It is a powerful element that can help you align your brand.

The Stock Media Action Plan

Before launching our revamped website, we took a moment to ensure our branding was consistent across all our marketing platforms. We confirmed that our branding was instantly recognizable from social media profiles, email signatures, and even business cards.

The Takeaway

Consistency in branding reinforces your message and makes your brand memorable. When people encounter your logo, colours, or fonts consistently across platforms, your audience will begin to associate these elements with your brand. Thus building trust and recognition.

The Bottomline

As we have shared our agency’s transformation journey, we hope you’ve learned valuable insights and action plans to apply to your business!

Remember that your brand is a living entity that evolves with your business. Never hesitate to make changes when needed (even if you’re not eight years into your journey.)

Don’t be afraid to invest in your brand. It can yield tremendous benefits that may help you attract clients and position your business for long-term success!

Thank you for joining us in learning some of the behind-the-scene strategies we’ve been doing for our business. If you want to dig deeper, listen to our podcast episode or watch the full episode below.

If you want to understand how you can leverage other marketing strategies like email marketing to take your brand to the next level, I would love to share my comprehensive email marketing guide. It contains proven and tested strategies I’ve used to supercharge brands of my clientele.

To access it, DM me on Instagram @LisaAnneCoaching!

See you next week, where you can learn more ways to optimize strategies to grow your brand further!

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