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How to Fix a Lead Magnet That’s Not Converting



How to Fix a Lead Magnet That’s Not Converting

A lead magnet is essential to any inbound marketing strategy, but what do you do when it's not converting? Lisa Anne shares simple tweaks to make to your lead magnet to get those leads rolling in.

I know how frustrating it can be when you put so much time and effort into creating a lead magnet, but it just doesn’t seem to convert the way you want it to be.

Well, don’t worry; in this episode, I’m going to share some simple tweaks that you can make to your lead magnet to start getting those leads rolling in.

1. Audit Your Lead Magnet

We first need to determine what is and what is not working.

When we determine where people are falling off or where you are having issues with the lead magnet, we will know where we need to make some adjustments.

However, you need to have enough data to make these assessments accurately.

I suggest having at least 100 people interact with your lead magnet before making any major changes or decisions.

That could be 100 people clicking over to the page but not downloading it…

… or 100 people downloading the lead magnet and not going through your system.

When we have that, we look at the back-end stats.

2. Address The Issues

Once we know where people are falling off, the next step is adjusting the issues causing people not to convert.

Again this comes down to understanding where the issues lie and then making those slight tweaks to get it converting better and better.

There are five things that I typically would tweak to test and see if that helps with conversions.

  • Check the offer
  • Check your op-tin page
  • Technical difficulties
  • Test Your Headlines
  • Improve the copywriting

Check out this week’s episode for a closer look at these five issues!

3. Create a New Lead Magnet that is More Effective

If you make those tweaks and don’t see a significant change, then the next step would be to design a new lead magnet and start from scratch.

Remember, when you are choosing a lead magnet, you want to make sure that it is solving someone’s problem.

And helping them achieve a small win.

I want you to check out the episode I did where I talked about the 10 different lead magnets.

Or even better, click here for access to my guide, where I broke down all 10 steps for you.

Once you have that new lead magnet in place, make sure you promote it to your audience as often as possible.

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If you aren’t at the stage where you want to run paid advertising, that’s okay.

Make sure to promote your lead magnet organically, meaning mention it on social media as often as possible…

Create a highlight on your Instagram…

Use the link for your lead magnet in your Instagram bio…

… promote it on LinkedIn, add it to your YouTube videos and your blogs and talk about it to your prospects.

The only way you are ever going to know if it’s going to convert or not for your business is to continuously promote it and get it in front of as many people as possible.

Analyze the results to see how well it performed

Once you have it in front of a minimum of 100 people, that’s when you can analyze the results to see how well it performed.

And then, from there, start making those small tweaks again and see how you can get it converting better.

Thanks for reading! There is so much more detail in this week’s episode. Make sure you check it out!

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