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Top 10 Freebies to Generate Leads



Top 10 Freebies to Generate Leads

Top 10 Freebies that Generate Leads

If you were to walk up to me today and ask me what’s the number one tip I would give every entrepreneur out there who’s trying to grow their business by leveraging social media…

… it’s to focus on leads – aka lead generation.


Because it’s what will help you GROW your business.

The front-end aspects of social media like posting content, dancing in reels, being active are important…

… but it’s not important if you aren’t generating leads from it.

What I mean by leads are those prospective people who could eventually turn into clients or customers.

So how do you generate high-quality leads online if I’m not talking about the content you post on social media?

I do that through one thing… and one thing only.

Lead Magnets.

If you don’t know what that is, let me refresh your mind.

It’s something that you give away for FREE in exchange for someone’s contact information.

Once you collect that person’s contact information, you can now move your customers through a customer sales funnel…

… and if your conversion rates are high and if you focus on relationship building…

… they will turn into paying clients or customers.

They’ll fill out a lot of people’s forms because they are “curious”…

… not necessarily because they are interested in working with YOU.

When you use a lead magnet, you not only generate higher quality leads…

… but you hit people at a different stage of their customer journey.

That’s why it’s so important to pay extra attention to the freebies you give out as lead magnets.

Now… here’s the tricky part.

Remember that these leads are coming into your sphere because of a freebie.

You are literally giving these things out for free simply to start the relationship-building process.

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Your lead magnet must be helpful enough to make people want it.

But… it must not be too valuable that you are giving away everything you know for free that they don’t end up needing to work with you.

There’s a fine line for sure.

To help you figure out the perfect lead magnet for your business, I’m going to share my top 10 ideas for lead magnets.

1. E-books
2. Webinars
3. Guides
4. Training Courses
5. Trials
6. Templates
7. Checklists
8. Groups
9. Quizzes
10. Calculators

Head on over to this week’s episode so I can break all of these down for you!

Of course, not all these ten examples will be perfect for your business…

… I want you to pay attention to the ideas that pop into your head as you are listening to the episode.

It’s up to you to take what inspiration you can and then create a lead magnet that will actually kick ass and attract the sort of leads you need for your business to thrive.

See you there!

If you want to understand how you can leverage other marketing strategies like email marketing to take your brand to the next level, I would love to share my comprehensive email marketing guide. It contains proven and tested strategies I’ve used to supercharge brands of my clientele.

To access it, click here.

See you next week, where we will deep dive into more strategies to optimize your business growth!

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