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How to Grow an Email List From Scratch: The Ultimate Guide for Business Owners and Marketers



How to Grow an Email List From Scratch: The Ultimate Guide for Business Owners and Marketers

How to Grow an Email List From Scratch: The Ultimate Guide for Business Owners and Marketers | Lisa Anne Coaching

Are you struggling to grow your email list from scratch? You’re not alone.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer, generating leads and converting website visitors into subscribers is crucial for growth.

In this episode, I’m going to share four effective strategies to help you grow your email list and explain why it’s so important.

Why Building an Email List is So Important

Before we dive into the strategies, let’s talk about why building an email list is critical.

First and foremost, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. Unlike social media algorithms, you have complete control over who sees your message.

Plus, email has a higher conversion rate than social media or search engine traffic.

Secondly, your email list is an asset that you own. Social media platforms can change their algorithms or disappear entirely, but your email list is something that you can rely on for long-term growth.

Lastly, having an list allows you to build a relationship with your audience. By providing value and staying in touch with them through email, you can create loyal fans who are more likely to become paying customers.

Four Strategies to Grow Your Email List

Now that you know why an email list is essential, let’s dive into the four strategies for growing your list:

Use Your Website

Optimizing your website with clear calls-to-action and prominent email sign-up forms is an effective way to get more subscribers. Make sure your sign-up forms are easy to find and use, and provide an incentive for people to sign up, such as a free guide or discount.

Use Your Social Media

Promoting your lead magnet on social media can help you reach a wider audience and drive more sign-ups. Make sure to target the right audience and use eye-catching visuals and copy to stand out.

Use Video or Audio Series

Create a podcast or YouTube video series offering value to your dream clients. Mention the lead magnet in the podcast or video and encourage your audience to sign up to your email list to get access to the freebie.

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Use Paid Ads

Running targeted paid ads can help you reach a specific audience and drive more sign-ups. Make sure your ad is visually appealing and offers a clear incentive for signing up.

By implementing these four strategies, you can grow your email list from scratch and start generating more leads for your business. Remember to keep track of your email list growth and regularly clean your list to ensure you have an engaged and active audience.

Creating an Opt-In Page

An opt-in page is a standalone page designed to convert visitors into email subscribers. It should be simple, visually appealing, and offer a clear incentive for signing up. A good opt-in page should include:

  • A clear headline
  • A brief description of the offer
  • A clear call-to-action
  • A form for collecting email addresses
  • Social proof (such as testimonials or statistics)

Organizing Your Ideas and Strategies

Keeping your ideas and strategies organized can help you stay on track and ensure you’re using your time effectively. Consider using a project management tool like Trello, Basecamp or Asana to keep track of your tasks and ideas.

Don’t forget to listen to the podcast episode for more in-depth tips on growing your list and why it’s so important for your business. You can also watch the YouTube video version of this episode on our channel.

So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these strategies today and watch your email list grow!

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