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Proven Ways to Leverage Sales Funnels for Increased Revenue



Proven Ways to Leverage Sales Funnels for Increased Revenue

4 Proven Ways to Leverage Sales Pages for Increased Revenue

In this week’s episode, I want to break down four different ways you can use sales pages in your business to increase revenue.

The four are:

  • Increasing product sales
  • Lead generation
  • Upselling
  • And cross-selling

We will do an overview in this week’s blog, but check out the podcast for the deep dive on sales pages.

1. Increase Product Sales

With this type of funnel, you’ll create a sales page or a mock website that outlines the benefits of what you’re offering, speaks to objections, persuades a purchase and closes the deal.

Just as you would do if you were on a sales call.

You should always include testimonials on this page and showcase what’s possible for the viewer after purchasing.

For these types of pages, the design does matter.

The overall branding is essential, but also the amount of text on the page, the placement of information and even the colour of buttons.

Next week, I’ll go more in-depth with this.

2. Increase Leads & Signups for Your Email List

The goal of using funnels for lead generation is to collect the contact information of your dream clients, which allows you to build your pipeline of prospects.

I always suggest using a Lead Magnet – a freebie you give away in exchange for someone’s contact information.

Aka, when you generate a lead.

If you still need to create a lead magnet in your business, head down to the show notes to download my guide.

I’ve shared the top lead magnets you should create for your business.

After you’ve generated the Lead,

  • You nurture them
  • Build a relationship
  • And turn them into program sales or paying clients

3. Upsell Current Customers on Related Products or Services

Upselling means getting clients to purchase a more expensive version of something they have already purchased.

Like getting the iPhone with more storage.

Or if you are a photographer, you can offer more or a more extended photography session.

Or, if you are a coach, you can offer more sessions or one on one sessions vs group sessions.

4. Cross-Sell Products or Services To Your Existing Customer Base

Cross-selling is when you get a customer to purchase products or services besides something they have already purchased.

Like the iPhone case or headphones.

It goes with the item to make it even better.

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For a photographer, an example could be hair and makeup before their session.

Or, for a coach, it could be a template or an additional program.

When you combine all four pieces of the puzzle and have them running for you on automation, you’ll truly experience the power of funnels.

You should set up a lead generation funnel for your business.

This is growing your audience.

You’d send that Lead to your sales page for your main offer.

You could upsell them on the fancier or more expensive version when they accept the offer.

Then you cross-sell them on the next best thing they need to go with that offer.

All that can run on automation for you – while you sleep.

Combine that with email marketing – and you’ll grow your revenue online.

Watch the full episode here:

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