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Why Build your Email List over Social Media Following



Why Build your Email List over Social Media Following

Why Build your Email List over Social Media Following

I have a confession to make:

For the last few months, I’ve actually been deleting followers. Not because I don’t want the numbers, but because I know those individuals aren’t my dream clients, and I can’t serve them.

People look at a large social media following and automatically think that means they are financially successful too…

I will always say that your social media is important.

Having an active account, being online and leveraging it will do wonders for your business. Still, the number of followers you have is NOT the most important thing or even the most profitable thing.

If you focus only on your social media following, your business may “look” important. Still, it’ll likely fail on the back end if you don’t put the time into building your EMAIL LIST.

Sounds outrageous? Hear me out!

Your Social Media Account Isn’t Yours

The first thing you have to understand about your social media account is that it’s not yours.

That’s right. Think about it. Your social media account can be suspended at any time.

And you don’t even have to break the rules of the platform you’re on.

It could even be an honest mistake.

You would suddenly be down to zero prospects if you built your business model around how many followers you can get on that platform.

And then you would have to start the whole process again.

And this time, you wouldn’t even be able to take your time to build it.

You would rush everything since you’re trying to capture a part of the market that has been lost.

You could tell yourself that you’ll be extra careful and won’t let yourself get banned from your platform.

But getting banned isn’t even the worst thing to your account. You could be hacked too.

If you don’t have any other way of connecting with your clients or prospects besides your social media account, you would be at the mercy of your hacker, and they would be able to do whatever they want to you with your account.

That’s an extraordinary risk to take because you could go from thousands of clients and prospects one day to none the next day.

But do you know what you do own? Your email list.

If you have an email list where you send emails every week, you’ll always have that list of clients and prospects to talk to.

It doesn’t matter what happens to your social media account.

You could be hacked ten times. Or twenty times. Or an unlimited number of times.

You would still have that email list, and you would still be able to connect with your clientele.

You’re Not In Control

Another reason it’s a mistake to focus solely on social media to grow your business is because you’re not in control.

I know, I know, it sounds like you’re in control.

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It may even look like you’re in control. But you aren’t.

Look at it this way; no one outside Google or Meta knows exactly how the algorithm works.

No one knows how often it’s updated.

There’s no way to play that game without losing at least half of the time.

While email marketing certainly doesn’t have the reach of social media, you’re usually capable of controlling your success with them.

The rules are defined — you know what to do, and you know what not to do, and it usually ends up working in your favour if you follow the rules.

Indirect Personalization

Sadly, social media essentially sacrifices reach for personalization.

Now, reach is certainly enough to convert some potential clients.

If ten thousand people see your content and engage with it, at least 100 of them would pay attention to you enough to want to check you out.

But one way to increase those numbers is through personalization — which is something email marketing does so well.

With emails, you can refer to potential clients by their names, give them a truly amazing experience, and make them feel seen and valued.

There is so much more to talk about why you NEED to build your email list and why it takes precedence even over your social media following.

So watch this week’s episode – there is a bonus giveaway that you don’t want to miss!

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