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How to Launch and Grow a Podcast with Simona Costantini



How to Launch and Grow a Podcast with Simona Costantini

Grow a podcast

I am super excited about this week’s episode. Joining me is Simona Costantini, who is the lady that helped me bring the more than social podcast to life.

Simona Costantini is the Founder and CEO of Costantini Productions, a full-service podcast production agency. She is also the Executive Producer and Host of the Happiness Happens Podcast.

She helps six-figure entrepreneurs in the intuitive space bring their personality, brand and passion to the mic by helping them launch, manage and grow their podcasts.
Listen in as we talk about:
  • What you need to know before launching your podcast
  • How do you grow a podcast
  • The equipment you need to get started
  • The recording and editing technology Simona recommends
  • Why recording both video and audio is important
  • How the podcast algorithm works
  • Using keywords to drive more traffic and grow a podcast within the apps

We will have more in-depth discussion on podcasting in subsequent blogs. Stay tuned.

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