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Instantly Attract Your Dream Client On Social Media



Instantly Attract Your Dream Client On Social Media

Dream client

Did you know…

…you can pick and choose who you work with?

The very first question I ask any client or student of mine is who do you WANT to work with?

Because you CAN attract the clients that you dream of working with.

If you have ever worked with a client you seriously dreaded talking to…

Or if you have yet to find that one type of client you like to work with…

This one’s for you, my friend.

The Dream Client

Let’s do a quick exercise to kick this off and make sure you know who you want to work with.

Right now, I want you to start thinking of who that DREAM client would be for you.

What are they coming to you for? What problem do they want you to solve?

What do they act like? Are they super outgoing? Or are they very analytic?

What do they sound like? Look like?

What are they driving?

Think about this person.

Who do you envision?

Now keep that person in your mind.

And as you are thinking of that ONE person…

What if I told you that there are literally thousands or maybe even millions of that type of person in the world?

Think of it this way — the world is essentially full of your dream clients.

You just haven’t reached them yet.

So how can you do that?

How can you get in front of that exact dream client you were thinking of and then get in front of even more of them?

My first suggestion – is social media.

I’m sure you saw that one coming.

Why Social Media

So why social media?

You not only can reach people worldwide, 24/7, 365 days of the year…

But you can do it with automation.

Without having to pick up the phone, send manual emails, knock on someone’s door, or walk by a storefront.

Social media allows us to connect through a screen worldwide.

And then, there is the power of paid advertising.

Seriously if you’ve never checked out the back end of Facebook – it’s incredible what you can do.

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There are 16 different types of paid ads that you can run through Facebook, which tell them exactly what you want people to do.

Facebook will make sure they show that ad to people who will take that action you want them to take – like purchasing something, for example.

Even better with ads – you can get seriously laser-targeted.

No joke – if you want to reach Kimberly, who is 22 years old, lives in Toronto, and loves to do yoga and walk her dog – you can make sure Kimberly sees your business.

Social Media Is a Part of Life

Another great thing about social media is that people are constantly on it.

That’s what makes social media marketing different then google marketing, for example.

When people are on social media, they are hanging out.

They are scrolling, relaxing, and just using their free time.

While working, while waiting, while cooking, while going to the bathroom, while out for dinner, while sad, mad, happy, stressed.

So when you market yourself to them, you aren’t disrupting their day.

You’re just making yourself a part of their experience online.

The world of social media is amazing like that.

Whereas people typically go to google when they are looking for something – not to hang out.

Just being on social media is a fantastic place to start connecting with your dream clients… but there are certain things you’ll want to do to make sure you are connecting with the right people.

And I’ve got all the strategies right here in this week’s video – so click below, and I will see you there!

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