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Turn Leads into Paying Clients with These 7 Emails



Turn Leads into Paying Clients with These 7 Emails

leads into paying clients

So you have a new lead. Congratulations! That’s already a big win!

Now it’s time for the next step, and that is to establish and maintain a connection with your lead through email marketing.

I do that through 7 very specific emails. I’m going to unpack how to turn leads into paying clients in this blog, and then you need to check out this week’s episode for the rest.

Let’s get started!

The Lead Magnet

This step of turning leads into paying clients is pretty simple.

It’s the delivery of the lead magnet or simply saying hello and offering value.

Since they’ve requested access to that freebie, they will be expecting email number one.

And you’ll get incredibly high open rates.

Think of this first mail as a delivery email. That’s it.

Simply send it off, wish them the best, and call it a day

You are not selling in this email or asking them to do anything except consume that freebie.

Value Change

The second email is where we do two things – follow up, just as you normally would after connecting with someone…

But we also started introducing something called a value change.

I usually send this email one or two days after you’ve sent the first email.

The entire goal of this email is simple; ensure they’ve gotten access to your freebie and start to change a belief system.

What are the popular misconceptions that constantly show up in your industry?

What are the things people believe about your service or product that aren’t true?

What do they need to realize before they are in a position to say YES to your offer?

These are the questions you need to explore with this email.

The goal is not only to trigger a change in a belief system. It’s also to show that you are someone worth listening to and that you have a unique perspective.

You’re basically telling them something they never knew and showing them you’re worth listening to.

Introduce Yourself

Ok, so after showing them that you’ve got something worth saying and that reading your emails are worth it, your next job is to tell them who you are.

The third email’s goal is to introduce that human touch and show off who YOU are as an expert.

You’re essentially telling them who you are, what you stand for, your experience, and most importantly, your goals with helping people just like them.

You know, in a sales call, or when you meet a prospect for the first time in person, they ask what you do and how you even got to where you are today…

What are they doing when they ask that question?

They are trying to determine if you are the expert they are looking for.

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That’s what we do in email 3.

I usually send this email two to four days after the second email, allowing the first two emails to sit in their subconscious. Then they have an opportunity to really start thinking about what you’ve already taught them.

Besides, you don’t want to be sending them emails daily. People get annoyed with that.

Use your social media to get in front of them daily.

Your emails are that second touchpoint with your prospects.

Plus, these 7 emails are designed in a way that will precisely turn your leads into paying clients.

You don’t want to rush this process.

Speak To A Pain Point

The fourth email is when things start to get interesting.

Your fourth email should be about talking about the client’s problem.

That ONE big problem that you know you can help solve.

But this blog is already longer than usual, so it’s time for you to click on it over to this week’s episode. We’ve got more email types to talk about! See you there!

P.S. In the episode, I mentioned this is one of my favourite ways to use email marketing.

But it’s also not the only way to use it for your business.

To make it easy, I put together my top 4 strategies for you to use for your email marketing this year.

Click HERE to download this free guide and make sure you really are taking advantage of email marketing.

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