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Use Social Media Ads to Expand Beyond Your Immediate Circle



Use Social Media Ads to Expand Beyond Your Immediate Circle

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You really have two options to grow your business and expand your reach in the online world.

Organic marketing or paid marketing.

Organic marketing is slow and controlled, which some people love, especially if this is only a side hustle.

Whereas the paid side of things… that’s for someone like me, who is eager to get things done, like yesterday.

The ones who don’t want a slow and steady win-the-race type of situation with their business.

They want to get in front of more people and quickly make this business a real deal.

Now, let me say here…

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to happen overnight, even with paid advertising.

There’s no magic button that we can press to make you rich overnight.

But with paid advertising, we can put you in front of that dream client you want to get in front of, and we can turn them into paying clients by spending a little bit of money on social media ads.

I truly believe that you have to spend money to make money.

It’s an investment, my friend. One that’s seriously worth it for you.

If you’ve been curious about social media paid advertising…

Or heck, maybe if you’ve been someone that’s clicked that little “promote” button on Facebook or Instagram hoping to get some results…

Let me really break down what paid advertising is all about and how it can be one of the most efficient tools for your business.

Laser Targeted Ads

Paid ads are laser targeted.

On top of the “interests” that you can target…

You can also get laser targeted with the type of profile.

We can look at gender, age range, nationality, job, location.

So if you want to target females aged 34 in Costa Rica who love yoga and smoothies – by all means, you can.

It’s very, very powerful.

Let’s compare it to the phone book.

Suppose you put an ad in the phone book for your local area. What are the chances that the exact dream client that you want to reach will open that phone book?

You have a very, very small percentage of people who may be the perfect client for you.

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Ad Targeting

With paid social media ads, you’ll be advertising to people who are just the right profile of the kind of business you want.


On top of getting in front of the right people, you can really drive a lot of traffic with social media.

Just using social media alone, it’s challenging to get a lot of traffic to your website every day by posting a video or picture.

So, how do you make sure that the thousands of people who view your content on social media actually visit your website?



My favourite type of ad to run is more advanced ads.

These are also called conversion ads.

When you combine a conversion ad with a lead magnet…

That’s when you can generate hundreds of leads in a month.

Sounds amazing, right?

Well, this blog is already running long, so you gotta head over to this week’s episode to hear all about it. See you there!

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