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Sync your Business Strategy to your Menstrual Cycles with Jacqueline Renee – More Than Social Podcast



Sync your Business Strategy to your Menstrual Cycles with Jacqueline Renee – More Than Social Podcast

Sync your Business Strategy to your Menstrual Cycles

Business strategy is an essential component of any entrepreneur’s journey.

It shapes the direction, decisions, and outcomes of a business.


In a recent interview, I spoke with Jacqueline, a cycle-sync coach for female entrepreneurs. We discussed how women can leverage their natural cycles to enhance productivity and achieve a more balanced work-life relationship.


If you want to learn more about it, you can listen to the podcast episode here

Although this blog is for those of you who are avid readers, I made it to help you dive into the insights shared in this interview.


I will discuss how entrepreneurs, particularly female entrepreneurs, can benefit from understanding their cycles and using them to improve their business strategies. This blog will be filled with insightful key takeaways.


Let’s begin!


Understanding Cycle Phases


The female cycle consists of four phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal.


Each phase corresponds to different levels of energy, creativity, and focus. Understanding these phases can help women plan their activities and optimize productivity.


  • Menstrual Phase (Winter): This is a time for reflection, planning, and strategic decisions. Energy levels are lower, allowing focused work on internal projects and long-term planning.


  • Follicular Phase (Spring): Creativity and energy levels increase, making it ideal for brainstorming, planning, and implementing goals.


  • Ovulatory Phase (Summer): This phase is characterized by confidence, communication, and social engagement. It’s the best time for networking, launching projects, and attracting clients.


  • Luteal Phase (Fall): The first half is energetic, while the second half can see a decline in energy. This phase is excellent for behind-the-scenes work, detail-oriented tasks, and preparing for the next cycle.

Cycle sinking means aligning actions—whether they relate to health, fitness, food, or work—with your cycle and the four different phases that we go through each month.


Aligning Business Strategy with Cycle Phases


By aligning business activities with the natural phases of their cycles, female entrepreneurs can optimize productivity and minimize burnout.


  • Winter (Menstrual Phase): Focus on reflection and planning. Use this time to assess goals and set strategic intentions.


  • Spring (Follicular Phase): Begin executing plans and take advantage of increased creativity.


  • Summer (Ovulatory Phase): Leverage increased confidence and communication skills to network and promote projects.


  • Fall (Luteal Phase): Utilize this time for behind-the-scenes tasks, detail-oriented work, and organizing projects.


Combating Burnout and Enhancing Productivity


By aligning your work schedules with your cycles, female entrepreneurs like you can avoid burnout and enhance productivity.


This strategy allows for more intentional work and a better allocation of energy.


Mindset and Compassion

Understanding and respecting energy levels’ natural ebb and flow can lead to greater compassion for oneself and others.

This mindset shift helps combat negative self-talk and comparison, especially for YOU!

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Your brain can tap into what it is that you truly want the week of your period if your hormones and your cycle are working as it’s meant to.


Tools and Resources


Did you know that using apps like Stardust can help track cycles and provide helpful prompts and insights for each phase?


This knowledge empowers women like you to make informed decisions and optimize business strategies!


Incorporating cycle synchronization into your business strategies can be a game-changer


By understanding and leveraging the different phases of their cycles, you can enhance productivity, avoid burnout, and create more balanced work schedules.


This holistic approach can lead to greater success and satisfaction in your personal and professional lives!


You don’t have to work harder.
You just have to work more intentionally.


Hopefully, these learnings are things you can incorporate when working on your business strategies, too!

If you want to learn more about efforts to sprinkle into your business strategy, you might want to consider applying for my Spotlight Theory program, where I teach you how to elevate your lead generation game.

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