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Top Automated Systems & Processes Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid Burnout



Top Automated Systems & Processes Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid Burnout


If you’re like me, just hearing that word makes you feel tired, discouraged, and maybe even angry. I know that because I have been there.

Running your own business can be SO empowering, but unless it’s done right, you can set yourself up for failure if you’re constantly thinking, “Go, go, go.”

Why Is Burnout?

Burnouts are consequences of prolonged work stress.

Burnouts can cause physical strain, such as headaches, stomach aches, nausea, or even worse, depending on the level of burnout.

Burnouts mean you could suffer from mental strain, making you feel like just lying in bed all day.

Emotionally, you may feel drained, and tired, and depressed.

You may not feel the motivation to continue to work on that work, and when you do, you find yourself just making many mistakes.

You may also find yourself hating your job, which you once adored.

A Better Way

Burnout is something we all need to avoid as entrepreneurs because it leaves you numb and unable to contribute meaningfully to your business.

With the right automated processes and suitable automated systems, you can manage your clients, arrange your meetings, respond to emails, and so much more, leading to a much more healthy lifestyle and successful business in the online world.

Follow me; I’m going to introduce you to my favourite automated processes and systems!


Later is at the top of our list because of its practical function. With Later you can…

– Plan your social media posts.

– You can publish social media posts.

– You can get hashtag suggestions.

– You can track analytical insights and so much more with this platform.


Plann is a planning and scheduling app that works solely for Instagram, which would be an alternative to Later!

Now I personally love Plann because the proof is in the pudding.

This is a multi-award-winning app focused on brand building, making it really a favourite among many different entrepreneurs out there.

Now with Plann, just so you can compare, you can…

– Schedule posts and stories.

– You can plan and make content.

– You can manage your hashtags.

– You can reply to comments.

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– And it also tracks analytics.


Like Calendly, which I LOVE!

Calendars are great to get your personal life organized, but if you can include both your personal life and your business calendar in one, it’s a win-win. This way, you can stay on track with everything you need to be ready for.

Sophisticated online calendars allow clients to book, reschedule and cancel appointments online, without a back-and-forth process with you or your staff.

This means clients do not have to call for you to fit them into your schedule.

Most calendar bookings are integrated with payment platforms, which also takes away the request payments from clients.

With a calendar booking software, you get to create your availability preferences, meaning the date and time you’re available.

This link can then be embedded in your website or shared via emails so that clients can pick a time and date that is conducive for all parties involved.

Some calendars, including Calendly, also have integrations with Google, Zoom, Outlook, MailChimp, and HubSpot.

This week’s episode is packed with even more fantastic solutions to help you fully arm yourself against burnout.

Burnout is the worst.

And working through it is even more challenging. But the reality is that with the right strategies, it can be avoided. I’m so glad I get to share that knowledge with you.

Watch this weeks video for the whole story!!

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