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The Complete Guide to Using Google Ads for Your Business with Chelsey Labusch



The Complete Guide to Using Google Ads for Your Business with Chelsey Labusch

Learn the best tips for using Google ads for your business with Chelsey Labusch.

I work with Chelsey and her team for some of my clients, and I know many of you have questions about how to run Google ads that convert.

Digital marketing consultant working for Google turned Agency freelancer turned Toronto-based agency owner, Chelsey quickly realized she was treating her clients’ businesses like they were her own. Working with multiple agencies throughout Europe and North America for the past 8 years, she gained a vast amount of experience not only in the online advertising world but also on understanding clients’ needs and skyrocketing their revenue growth online.

Once 2020 hit and the pandemic took hold of our lives, she pivoted the agency to heavily supporting the senior care industry to better help our seniors in need.

She’s now built a wonderful team of smart and talented people who are passionate about clients and businesses that care for seniors. Combining proven processes with a fantastic team is how Valoom Media is successful today!

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We talk about: 
  • [2:20] How Chelsey got started in the Google advertising space
  • [4:30] Transitioning from working for corporate to opening her agency
  • [7:00] The difference between Google ads and Facebook ads
  • [10:10] Best practices for running Google ads
  • [12:05] Using keywords and keyword phrases
  • [13:35] The different types of Google ads you can run
  • [14:30] Call rails
  • [21:05] The minimum spend when it comes to Google ads
  • [27:20] Chelsey’s biggest piece of advice for entrepreneurs
Resources mentioned in this episode:
  • Enter to win: Leave a rating and review every month for a chance to win FREE access to the social media automation Bootcamp. Winners will be chosen monthly!
  • Free Google Ads audits! You can visit to request one today. You’ll get points that can help improve your accounts immediately and some recommendations to improve your performance and save money moving forward!
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See you next week, where we will deep dive into more strategies to optimize your business growth!

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