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Top 3 Tips on How to Know your Dream Client a Lot Better



Top 3 Tips on How to Know your Dream Client a Lot Better

Top 3 Tips on How to Step into your Dream Client's Shoes

Let’s talk about knowing your dream client.

You know exactly who you want to work with…

You might not know that you know that, so we will have to do some digging into your dream client’s perspective. We need to define that ideal client

…so much that you can picture that person sitting beside you.

That’s what I want to help you with today.

Together we’ll talk about understanding who you are talking to, but I’ll also help you step into your dream client’s shoes.

This is how you’ll build trust, build deep connections, and attract the right people to you.

Tip # 1 Find Your ONE Dream Client

Typically when I ask people who their dream client is, they’ll give me these high-level stats of who they describe as their target market.

That’s when I get the females between the ages of 25-50 and are looking for a new home.

That’s a great start, but that’s not deep enough.

We need to be able to close our eyes and picture that person sitting in front of us.

I want you to picture Kelly.

Kelly is a busy working mom who is trying to manage 4 boys who all play different sports.

Her hair is messy; she’s dressed in leggings and a zip-up sweater. She’s complaining to me about how stressed she is and how her kids are driving her up the wall…

She’s going on about how much work she has to do, but how is she supposed to do that plus go to 3 different sports tournaments this weekend.

As we’re talking, her kids are loud and playing and running all over the house.

We each have a glass of wine and are eating cheese and crackers.

Kelly has very little time for herself but when she does, she goes for a run. It’s the only thing she gets to enjoy.

Can you picture Kelly?

I sure can.

And I didn’t even tell you about the music she listens to while she drives to work or the reality TV shows she binges while the kids are in bed.

That’s what we need to do.

We need to define who you are talking about and determine that ONE dream person you are helping.

Typically, when I dig, most people go into their imagination or think back to their current clients…

… and they start to form this perfect picture of who they would LOVE to work with.

So how do you really start to understand your audience so you can step into their shoes?

That takes doing a little bit of research on your end.

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Tip #2 Do a Dream Client Deep Dive

Whether this is inside Facebook groups, on forums, or even in person with your current dream clients.

The more you know about them, the better.

There are six specific questions that I will ask you about your dream client.

Try to answer as much as you can about that dream client you are thinking of right now.

If you can’t, my first challenge for you today is to research these questions and start listening more openly to your audience.

1. What are the dream client’s struggling with, and how can you help?

2. What are they complaining about?

3. What keeps them up at night?

4. What are their hobbies?

5. Where do they live?

6. Who do they follow?

Write it all down.

The more you write down, the more you’ll be able to experience living in this dream client’s shoes.

We are just getting started and I have more amazing tips for stepping into your client’s shoes! If you want to see more, watch this week’s episode and you’ll be well on your way to engaging exactly the kind of clients you dream of.

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