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How Digital Marketing Made this Agent Grow by 600%



How Digital Marketing Made this Agent Grow by 600%

How Digital Marketing Made this Agent Grow by 600% | Lisa Anne

One of the best parts of my job is sharing client success stories with you.

I want to share with you what happened when my client invested in digital marketing and how it helped her business grow by 600%.

Meet The Mortgage Agent

This client of mine is a mortgage agent from Ontario, Canada.

She has over 25 years of experience in the banking industry and jumped into running her own business to use her expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others.

She’s busy, so she trusts our team and me to help her.

We’ve done a lot of different marketing campaigns based on where she wanted to grow…

… but we’ve also put in a lot of time and effort creating some automation on the back end to help her leverage her time wisely.

The Challenge

Before she started working with us, she was one of those people who was creating ads on Facebook and hitting the “boost post” button.

Aka, she was spending money on advertising and seeing no return.

She admitted she didn’t have an advertising strategy that worked for her before working with us.

She relied on word of mouth, which was beneficial…

But it was just a trickle.

And in her words, she needed the tap full on!

As an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mother, she faced a lot of pressure and responsibility.

I’m sure you can relate, but leaving a traditional job and starting her own business was a financial risk, and the clock was ticking…

… she needed to increase her sales, and she needed it to happen fast.

The Solution

So what did we do?

In July 2020, we started working together.

As I mentioned, we created several strategies for her business.

Starting by diving deep into her goals with her business.

As a mortgage agent, she can work with many different types of people.

But like I say over and over again on here…

It’s not about working with everyone; it’s about being very specific about who we talk to online.

When we figured out who she wanted to work with and where was the most profitable place to grow in her business, we designed a complete digital marketing strategy.

One included a lead magnet, a sales funnel, and email marketing campaigns.

We essentially designed this system that was attracting her dream clients, building that relationship with them, and then making sure we turned them into booked appointments for her.

That way, she only had to focus on attending her booked appointments and doing what she did best – coming up with the right strategy for her clients.

We also create her social media content, blogs and additional educational emails.

I have to point out one thing about her and why her strategy works so well…

Her personality is infused in her entire strategy.

She’s one of those people who you meet and love immediately.

She’s also super active on social media from an organic side.

My team and I focus on the paid side of things…

But on her side, she’s always sharing new content online, testimonials, and responding to her audience.

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That alone makes a huge difference in growing a brand online and crushing it with results.

The Result

Now speaking of results…

Implementing these digital strategies, we took her business from $5 million to $30 million.

She saw a 600% increase during the pandemic.

In the first year, she grew 300%, with 40% of her leads coming from our social media paid advertising and the complete digital marketing strategy we implemented.

In the 2nd year, she grew another 300%…

In that year alone, she generated 1,692 leads.

Talk about turning the tap on full blast vs trickling in.

I’m sure you could imagine, however…

Having that many leads come into your business is a lot for a one women’s show.

She’s hired an assistant and has a team of underwriters working for her now, which is fantastic.

But more importantly, we had to develop back-end systems and processes to pre-qualify the leads.

We pushed away the leads who were wasting her time…

… and pulled in the leads who were serious about moving forward.

These are just some fantastic results our mortgage clients experienced from working with us.

Tune into the podcast for even more mind-blowing results!

If you want to leverage your marketing efforts for your business (so you can have more quality time with yourself and your loved ones), I would love to share a comprehensive email marketing guide with you.

To access it, simply click here. See you next week where we deep dive into more strategies to optimize your business growth!

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