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Create Consistent Content to Create a Loyal Fanbase Who Is Ready to Buy



Create Consistent Content to Create a Loyal Fanbase Who Is Ready to Buy

It’s the million-dollar question: how do you go about creating good content? Content that’s designed to attract your dream audience and turn them into raving fans?

And obviously, how do you persuade that fanbase to move forward and work with you?

Well, here’s the answer: consistent content.

The first step in creating a fanbase that’s ready to buy is being consistent with your content creation.

So what’s so powerful about being consistent?

Well, there are a few points I can make…

First of all, you’ll constantly be in the eyes of your audience.

Let’s take, for example, that neighbour who always tends to their garden.

It’s no wonder their front lawn is so beautifully landscaped.

They’re constantly out there in their garden, picking weeds, planting new flowers, cutting the grass…

Well… ideally, your marketing approach will leave behind the same kind of positive impression. Beautiful results that only you can provide.

Second, You can prove your knowledge and expertise.

I’m not recommending you give away so much information that your customers won’t need you anymore.

What I am recommending is sharing valuable tidbits, something that will leave your customers eager to learn more, so keen that they have to reach out to you or come back weekly looking for that new piece of content.

Think of it like…an appetizer for information.

Another point I want to make about consistent content is that you can show off your portfolio in various ways.

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Do you have some impressive work? A unique product? Or some noteworthy customers you’ve had the pleasure of working with?

As long as you haven’t signed an NDA, then share all you like, within reason.

But of course, remember, you don’t want to give everything away.

Think of it as showing the results you can get without showing the HOW.

Another big one, especially right now in the world, is that your consistent content can connect with your audience 24/7, 365 days a year, all around the world.

Connecting with your audience is key, and I understand that it doesn’t come easily for some people.

Connecting with your audience is just as important as engaging with your audience.

This is the power of consistent content – now, let me share the HOW with you. Click on this week’s episode for my best tips and tools for stress-free, consistent and effective content creation.

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