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Consistently Takinng Photos for Content Creation



Consistently Takinng Photos for Content Creation

How to Consistently Take Content Photos

One of the most tiresome aspects of using social media for your business is all the time and effort you have to put into content creation.

I’m sure you can agree with that.

There’s a tension between making sure you are consistently posting content and staying in front of your audience…

And wanting to throw your phone in the water and never have to post something again.

I get it.

Sometimes I feel inspired, create content, go live, and enjoy it.

But then there are times when I just don’t want to do any of it.

Then there are photos.

How many of us enjoy taking photos and getting ourselves ready daily?

I sure don’t.

If I don’t have to do my hair, put on makeup, and wear something other than my bathing suit or a sweatshirt… I don’t.

So taking photos while I’m lounging and not really “feeling it” every day is just not going to happen.

What happens when we’re in that mood where we don’t want to take photos but need photos to post that day?

What do we do?

It’s called: Batching your photos.

Developing a concept and habit will ensure you consistently have photos ready for content creation.

When you learn this, you’ll be well on your way to never having to stress about photos daily.

So, let’s get to it.

How do you consistently ensure that you have photos for content creation ready to go?

I follow a five-step process that I complete every few months.

1. Schedule a photo shoot with my branding photographer

2. Choose the theme for my outfits

3. Create a photo vision list.

4. Have the photoshoot

5. Edit my photos.

Here are some more details:

Schedule A Photoshoot

Whether you have a photographer you are working with or doing this yourself, you must first schedule it into your calendar.

Block off the morning.

Get yourself ready with hair and makeup for the ladies reading this – and block off a couple of hours to take a lot of photos.

I don’t suggest doing this on the go.

You’ll actually want to schedule it, or you won’t do it.

Treat it like an interview with a huge client — because it’s just as important as that.

Choose Your Vibe + Outfits

Once I’ve scheduled my photoshoot, I think about the overall vibe I am going for. This is the fun part!

Is it a lifestyle shoot where I’m out and about around the city?

A laptop lifestyle shoot where I’m working on my computer?

A couple shoot with my husband?

A fitness shoot?

What do I need for my content?

When you’ve determined the vibe, it’s time to choose your outfits.

The biggest mistake I see people make when they block off time for a photo shoot is that they wear the same outfit for 100 photos.

If you have the same vibe, location, and outfit, you can’t use all those photos for your content.

Your audience will get bored, and your overall photos will be repetitive.

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What I do is I choose 5-7 different outfits.

I’ll get 5-10 good photos in each outfit and then change often.

That way, I have 5 to 7 completely different vibes.

It doesn’t seem like all these photos were taken on the same day – although they were.

Create a content creation vision list.

The best way to waste time is not to have a plan.

To make the most of your photoshoot, come up with photo ideas of what you’d like to capture…

And then, throughout the photoshoot, mimic those photos and use them as inspiration.

Have the photoshoot

This is the fun part!

Instead of being frustrated and hating this part… have fun with it.

Throw on some music.


Grab a friend.

And honestly, just be silly!

Edit the photos

If you aren’t using a photographer, you’ll need to edit your own photos.

If you are using a photographer, they will do this for you.

Make sure you edit your photos to create the right vibe and theme that you love.

As for me, I love light and airy!

Others like darker images.

Regardless, edit it, so your images have the same vibe across your social media.

Anyway, friend! When you master batching, you’ll master photos!

Now keep in mind that this is very high-level. If you want to learn more, I suggest watching this entire episode here:

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