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How to Batch Content



How to Batch Content

How to Batch Content

In this week’s episode, we are going to talk about all things content batching.

Content batching is creating groups of content or “batches” instead of always making them on the go. Many of you have figured out that batching makes content creation much easier and more effective.

Let’s get right to it!

Step 1: Know Your Content

I often tell my friends that if you run a business on your own and are trying to use social media to increase your leverage, you have to learn the content-making side of the business too.

That’s why I think it’s super important for you to have an idea of the themes you’re pushing out every week on your social media.

For example, before you start batching content, you’ve got to identify your content pillars.

These pillars are the few topics or themes that you constantly create content for on social media.

Your pillars should be pretty easy to figure out.

I recommend crafting your pillars around themes that not only reflect what your brand is all about but are also of interest to your audience and prospective clients.

You certainly don’t want to pick themes that won’t attract the ideal clients that your business needs to grow.
One thing you should always do when crafting these pillars is to look at your previous posts and look for a pattern with the themes of the best-performing ones.

That may tell you the sort of content that your audience is more likely to relate to and understand.

You should also note the nature of these posts.

Was it a video?

A selfie?

Personal content?

Noting those things will give you an idea of the sort of content you ought to be producing.

Step #2: Create Content

To give you a good idea of the work and the intention you need to put behind making great content in batches, let me walk you through my process.

Whenever I’ve got content to create, I clear out a whole afternoon of my schedule.

Sometimes I even clear out the morning too and decide that today, I’ll do nothing but create content.

This gives me ample time to be 100% focused on my work and to take it seriously.

I plan my content at least a month in advance.

And I plan for holidays, promotions, launches, and all that stuff.

While drafting my content, I draft an outline for what I want it to look like.

Whether it’s a picture, a video, or even a lengthy caption, it’s always good to start from an outline so that you have an idea of the idea you’re going for.

Now, girls.

I’m going to give you a piece of advice that will help you a lot.

It may sound odd, but it’s the backbone of many content creators out there.

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And it’s this; write an ugly draft first.

It’s a lot better to write an ugly draft and then improve from that.

So even if you don’t know what to write — write.

You’ll edit later, and it’ll be great.

Step #3: Batch Your Visual Content

My photos are created in batches too.

Once a month, I have photoshoots with my branding photographer, and then I meet up with other entrepreneurs and have shots taken as well.

Before I continue, I’ve got to say this; if you can afford a branding photographer, get one.

I know some don’t like having professional hands-on content because they believe it may taint their authenticity, and I get that.

Trust me, girl, I do.

However, I also know that poorly done photos can be off-putting, and a professional photographer won’t do much to diminish your authenticity — they can bolster it.

The truth is that you should delegate complex parts of content creation if you can.

If you need to outsource parts of the process to people with specialized experience, it will be far easier for you to manage the process when you batch produce your content because you can give your team members or freelancers multiple pieces to work on in one go.

That’s why I always make my photographer take all my essential pitchers for that month, and then he sends them to me at once.

If you put all these steps into action, posting online will be much less of a chore. But there’s more! Watch today’s video for some extra tips and tricks to save you time and energy. You don’t want to miss it!

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