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How to Repurpose Content



How to Repurpose Content

How to repurpose content

Today, I’m going to teach you what I wish someone had taught me when I started making content for my business.

Repurposing your content is not only going to save you time and energy…

… it also is a good marketing strategy.

For one, it reinforces your brand’s messaging -and that’s one very important aspect of branding.

You need to say the same stuff in a lot of different ways.

It has to stick in the minds of your audience.

Learning how to repurpose content will help with that.

Secondly, it gives you an SEO boost.

Algorithms love reinforcements, and if you want to appear at the top of that timeline or feed, you need to repeat what you’re saying.

That is, taking the old content that’s performing well and turning it into new content also has a high chance of performing well.

And thirdly, repurposing content allows you to reach audiences who didn’t get your content the first time around.

The last reason you should probably learn how to repurpose your content is that it’ll allow you to be everywhere.

What that means is that it’ll give your brand that unchanging quality.

People love reliable brands — they love reliable messaging.

Once you keep giving them a message they can relate with and associate with you, they’ll love seeing your content.

Pretty cool, right?

Ok, so now that we’ve figured out why you should repurpose your content, let’s get down to work.

Creating Pillar Content

The first thing you should do when repurposing content is to create pillar content.

That pillar content is sort of like the pillar that the rest of the repurposed content rests on.

The pillar content should be a big piece of content that will be cut down and repurposed for other media parts.

For example, your pillar content could be a YouTube video, like I release weekly teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage social media for their business.

Or a podcast interview like I do where I am interviewing fellow entrepreneurs.

The critical thing about this content is that it must be long, informative, and filled with great information that your audience would love to know.

Now, most people have usually created content like this that they made in the past and have things lying around.

So go back and check past posts or videos that you’ve done.

Regardless, what you are looking for is one piece of content that is a longer format and offers a lot of value.

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That’s what you’re going to be repurposing.

Repurposing Pillar Content

That’s the first step. Get that one piece of pillar content.

The next step is learning how to turn it into smaller containers.

One option to repurpose this content is for your social media captions.

Instead of writing captions for every post you put on Instagram and Facebook, you could just repurpose parts of your pillar content for it.

The trick here is to make sure you find the right questions or topics inside that pillar contact to use on social media.

Maybe it’s a quote.

Maybe it’s a question.

Whatever you said, you can pull out a lot of captions from a video. I usually try to get 3-5 quotes from my episodes.

Another way you could use the pillar content is to break it down into more videos.

You can even have more fun on platforms like Instagram Reels and Tik Tok because you have a lot more ways to edit the video clip and give it a fun twist.

I’ve only just started talking about repurposing content for your brand. Check out this week’s episode for more of my favourite ways to repurpose content. I’m telling you, it only gets easier from here!

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