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Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives



Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives

This week’s topic is all about the different types of Facebook Ad Objectives that you can use to run Facebook and Instagram ads for your business. Facebook has a lot of awesome free tools but if you want to scale in your business, it’s’s necessary to have an advertising budget to promote your business across Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Marketing Objectives

Facebook breaks it’s’s Marketing Objectives into three categories:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Each of these categories is structured to accommodate the prospect at different stages of “the customer journey.”

To work correctly, it’s necessary to move your advertising through each of the three categories. Begin with awareness, then consideration and lastly, conversion. Generally, everyone has their own methods, and while you don’t necessarily need to do it this way, it’s’s been designed this way for a reason.

What does each Ad Objective mean?

Awareness is used to generate interest in your brand by telling people what makes your business valuable.

Consideration aims to get others beginning to consider you. They will make people think about your business enough to seek out more information.

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Conversions ads are more advanced but get drastically better results. They are designed to serve as that last push to get someone to buy or use your product or service finally.
Conversion means that someone takes a specific action that you want them to take.

Facebook Ads are a dream for businesses that want to grow.

Facebook has made a huge effort in designing a platform that not only helps people connect with other people, but that also works to connect people with businesses they need or want to connect with instantly.

And the Facebook pixel is another incredible tool; check out my video here to find out more about the Power of a Facebook Pixel. The data attained by having a Pixel is exactly what makes targeting so easy and so “next level” on Facebook.

Learning and deciding what Facebook ad objective you want to use is the first way to start marketing your business to the online world. I’ve gone into more detail in the Facebook Ad Objectives video I made to help you; check it out here ➡️

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