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How to Run a UGC Campaign



How to Run a UGC Campaign

Whether you have a business or you’re looking to start a business you’re going to get so much from my latest video where I talk about different types of UGC campaigns and how you can use each in your business.

What is UGC?


UGC (User Generated Content) is defined as any form of content, (images, text, video or audio) that has been posted by users on online platforms. I am such an advocate for harness the power of UGC in business this quote perfectly sums it up for me;

“The thing that actually breaks through all of the noise is when you see real users sharing real content on social media.” – Dom Garrett.

So what are the 10 types of UGC I elaborate more on in the video?

  • Reviews
  • Suggestion
  • On display
  • Personal story
  • Perform an act
  • Public debate
  • It’s a vibe
  • The Most
  • Social Justice & Equality take a stand
  • Ask us anything

All in all UGC campaigns are a powerful way to push your brand forward because it’s like virtual word-of-mouth but SO… MUCH… MORE… ACCESSIBLE.

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