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Unsure Where the Next Client Comes From? Make a Lead Magnet



Unsure Where the Next Client Comes From? Make a Lead Magnet

Clients are the life force of your business.

Without them, you would have no product or service to offer.

But there’s so much uncertainty when it comes to getting clients.

Your clients may come from various sources. Through sponsored ads. Through referrals. Heck, even though hashtags.

However, it would help if you made an effort to get clients.

And this is where lead magnets come in.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead is a person who shows interest in your product or service.

Usually, a lead does not start as a buyer: they could be someone who is subscribed to your email list, reads it weekly, and over time this person becomes a buyer.

A Lead Magnet is simply a way of attracting these potential buyers.

A Lead Magnet is a free offer or an incentive that you make in exchange for clients’ contact information.

This information is usually a name and an email address.

Why Lead Magnets?

1. The Internet is the Future

Traditional means of getting clients are becoming obsolete.

While we still have giant billboards mounted in major locations, most companies, including mega-companies, have taken their business online.


Because everyone is on their phone. You’re on your phone.

Your neighbour is on his phone.

We’re a generation addicted to our gadgets.

The addiction is the perfect way to market your products and services to clients.

2. Showcase Your Expertise and Brand

And through your free offer, you can show your potential clients what your business is about.

For example, as a travel company, you could offer a free, well-detailed eBook about cool spots to see in Paris.

By reading this eBook, your clients trust that you are knowledgeable, and they are likely to sign up for your tour packages.

3. Solid Customer Base

People want solutions to their problems, and by dangling a lead magnet in front of them that solves their problems, they learn to trust you.

Even if they don’t work with you now, they will make referrals, and they are likely to come back to work with you in the future.

4. Reward for Money

Ads cost money, and as a business owner, you want value for money spent. The aim is to have a high conversion rate. To turn clicks into sales.

With lead magnets, you are reaching out to people who are not only interested in your business but are also ready to invest in the sales.

Types of Lead Magnets

There are several lead magnets, and they can be targeted at different genders, ages, races, interests, behaviours, you name it!


With eBooks, you educate your clients in a detailed form, showing them how skilled you are.

Your eBook can have images to create a mental picture in the minds of your clients.

This lead magnet works best if you have an audience that likes to read.


Guides are also popular lead magnets. Oftentimes, these are referred to as “white paper.”

They are similar to eBooks, but they are shorter, and they’re filled with valuable information that can help your customers make choices regarding your business or your industry specifically.

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Videos demand more effort and expertise than most lead magnets, but they are really effective.

They appeal to your clients’ auditory and visual senses, getting across your message a lot faster.

Through videos, your clients get to see the face or faces behind your business, creating trust in your business.

Free Trials and Consultations

Does your business offer memberships?

You could offer a trial to your clients so that they get an experience of what membership with your business actually looks like.

For consultants or service-based businesses, your version of this would be a free consultation with you or someone on your team.


Quizzes and surveys, they are pretty cool.

They tend to be engaging for clients who are eager to know how they scored.

Results can be sent to the participants’ email addresses.


A live webinar presents an opportunity for businesses to be asked questions about their products and services.

To access a webinar link, clients must provide their email address and their name. INSTANT LEAD.

The Fun Ones: Coupons, Discount Codes, Giveaways

Everyone loves free things.

Some people have actually made it part of their daily routine to scan for coupon codes before they even make a purchase. Heck, they’ve actually made apps for that.

Now even if you’re not a retailer, offering discounts is always a sure way to make people go from “no,” to a “maybe.”

As for giveaways, they’re definitely effective; just be sure to do your research and remember to set up contest rules and terms.

This is a lot of information but just the beginning! If I’ve sold you on lead magnets, watch my video so you can find out how to make your own!

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