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10 Tips on Nurturing Your Email List for Beginners



10 Tips on Nurturing Your Email List for Beginners

Compared to the feature-rich, fun-to-use, and intuitive nature of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, emails seem… outdated and, heck, even irrelevant.


If you’re trying to run an online business and you slack off on making the most of emails, you can quickly find yourself behind the curve.

Never, EVER, underestimate the power of emails, and I’m here to tell you why.

In today’s video, we’ll talk about WHY you should use email marketing, as well as 10 tips on nurturing your email list for beginners.

Let’s start with why. Think about this for a moment…

  • Imagine having an easy-to-access list full of your brand’s biggest fans.
  • Imagine being able to prepare just one email about your latest products or offerings and being able to send it to your dedicated fans without much effort.
  • And finally, imagine being able to maintain the interest of your new customers without having to type the same emails over and over, making sure they stay interested in whatever you sell.

When done correctly, this is the power of email marketing. It can work wonders for your brand.

While it may not seem so obvious at first, email marketing is an essential and indispensable part of your business, not only for your brand’s presence but especially for its growth.

Even with all the social media platforms available to us to do our business on, emails remain relevant, incredibly when nurturing connections with your longtime fans and prospective clients alike.

It’s a part of your online business you genuinely own because customers are willing to provide you with their email and contact information & say that they WANT to know more about what your brand is about and what you have to offer.

And how well you use this information can significantly affect your relationships with existing clients and potential new ones.

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When done right, email marketing can even do the selling for you.

I believe Gary V (the wildly successful entrepreneur) was the first to start talking about the importance of providing value before you ask anything of your prospects.

This nicely sums up the concept of incentivization – and giving people incentives is not only smart, but it makes the process of selling feel a lot more natural and not nearly as stressful.

It’s nice when people approach you, right? And not so much the other way around…

When you provide value first before you ask anything…you’re planting a seed.

Now that you know the WHY, tune in to this week’s episode for my top 10 tips to nurture your email list for beginners.

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