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Who Are You Talking to in the Digital Space?



Who Are You Talking to in the Digital Space?

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How are you talking to your dream clients in the digital space?

People only put effort into things that they care about.

Look at yourself, for example.

The things you throw most of your effort into, your business, your health, your family, your friends— these are the things you care about the most.

If you are talking to someone about doing something, and you aren’t showing them why they should care about it…

…then they won’t listen to you.

It’s not their business.

To convince another person or a group of people in the digital space that you are worth listening to, you need to know what they care about.

And you can only possibly know that if you know them.

That may seem complicated, but it isn’t.

In this episode, I’ll be telling you the level of analysis you need to bring into identifying the people you’re talking to and how to know them.

I’ll also tell you what to do when you know them and how to use this knowledge to sell your products or services online.

Let’s go!

Know Your Audience

Ok, so let’s talk about why people would pay attention to you or a business in the first place.

Typically I find it’s because of one of or a combination of these three things…

The first one is that they are convinced that the service or product they are getting can satisfy their needs.
The second is that they actually want to understand whether that good or service can solve a problem for them and get them ahead…
Or third, they really have nothing better to do with their money.

The people you want to make up a bulk of your clientele are those who see what value you’re offering and are convinced that what you’re offering is a solution to their problem.

Now, the only way you can convince these people in the digital space that your business is the real deal is to know what they are looking for.

And you can only know that by understanding their motivations, understanding what appeals to them, understanding what sort of messaging they would find interesting to follow…

…. understand the kind of aesthetics they would want and know-how they wish to be approached.

If you have a business and don’t have a concrete idea of who you’re targeting, basically, you’d be using that 100-foot megaphone on social media to send mixed messages that may or may not be heard.

And we don’t want that to happen to you.

Once you know the sort of people you’re looking to attract, you’d be able to send them a targeted message— a message they would understand and relate to.

Creating A Buyer Persona

Ok, so now that you know the WHY, let’s get down to the technical details of HOW to target the right people.

We call your dream client or those you want to attract your buyer persona.

In short, this is a fictional representation of your ideal client or target audience.

When you have a clear picture of who you’re marketing to, it’s much easier to develop effective, targeted content that speaks to your ideal buyer’s goals and challenges.

So if you want to know your customers or clients and connect with them online, you need to create an ideal customer avatar or buyer persona.

This persona will be an average of all the attributes of your potential and ideal customers and will help you understand how to market to them.

So if you don’t know yet who you are talking to right now, take a second.

Close your eyes.

And envision, you got a phone call from a random number…

You answer the phone…

and voila, it’s your absolute dream client or customer who is begging to work with you.

Who is that person?

What do they look like? Sound like? What do they need? How can you help them?

When you can picture that one dream client or customer for you…the rest is easy.

Do Buyer Personas Work?

In a word…YES!

And if you want to see examples of them in action, tune into this week’s episode on video.

See you there!

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