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How to Use Facebook Videos for Your Brand



How to Use Facebook Videos for Your Brand

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms today with over 2.41 billion users worldwide in 2020.

It’s a platform that can most definitely help your brand reach a wider audience.

Facebook has always been a digital look-book focused on images but in recent years, and I’m sure you’ve noticed this, Facebook has really doubled down on videos.

Video rules the internet and it’s because it’s much more dynamic in comparison to a still image and that’s because it can incorporate images, texts, voice and even music within one single piece of content.

Almost all videos can get your attention-we can’t say the same about images.

And by the way, I just want to point out that I’ll be using the words “Facebook Video” quite a lot which refers to native Facebook videos: a video that is directly uploaded to Facebook.

“Now why bother mentioning native video? Shouldn’t that just be obvious?” You might think so, but actually, no.

A lot of people share videos and roughly 77% of content shared on Facebook is external content, consisting of articles, photos, videos and news that is being hosted somewhere else.

But here’s the catch.

Facebook may be great for sharing content but there’s some types of content it won’t make much of an effort to show if you’re sharing it.

So, for example, Facebook doesn’t prioritize YouTube video links in their algorithm-because why prioritize YouTube when they have their own video platform?

Facebook will always prioritize Facebook videos first just because they can.

But why else does native Facebook video rule?

Native videos start playing automatically and silently and they play in the Facebook interface itself, making for a far more convenient user experience.

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But let’s be honest, this is just as big of a plus side to the advertiser as it is to the consumer.

It’s for that reason that native videos get 478% more shares on Facebook than videos from other sources.

Just think about those cute DIY or life Hacks videos that I’m sure come across your newsfeed at some point.

Like I said before, video can really draw you in.

Some more stats: native videos have a 1155.41% higher average share rate and 300% better engagement from viewers than shared Youtube links.

Those are some crazy numbers right?

If you want to know how to make the most effective videos for your business that you’ll upload to Facebook directly, pop into this week’s episode and I will give you all the info!

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