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5 Content Tips to Be Seen as the Go-to Expert



5 Content Tips to Be Seen as the Go-to Expert

5 Content Tips to Be Seen as the Go-to Expert

Looking for content tips to establish a great presence online?


It’s not enough to be an expert; you also have to convince potential clients that you’re an expert.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they think you’re lying.


They just don’t think of you as an expert, just yet.

And since they don’t think that, when they have a problem to fix… they won’t come to you.


They will go to the experts.

This phenomenon is widespread among entrepreneurs who try to expand their businesses through social media.


These entrepreneurs are usually very knowledgeable people, but they don’t know how to transform this knowledge from what they know to what they can show.


In this video, I’ll be giving you five content tips to help you take that expert knowledge in your mind from what you know to what you can show.

And remember, the more people see you as an expert in your field, the likelier the chances of them turning to you for advice and help fix their problems.


Once that begins to happen, you can expect to see your engagements, sales, views, and everything in-between rise.


#1 Show Practical Value

If you want people to see you as an expert, you need to show them why.

You need to show practical value.


No one will pay attention to you if they can’t point to a time where the information you share has helped them.

Share tips, tricks, hacks, and all of that.


If they respect you and see you as someone who generally knows what they are talking about, they will come to you with their problems, and you can get them started on the sales funnel.


#2 Show Results

Now after showing your potential clients and audience value, you need something extra. Something to make them trust you.

How do you do that?


How do you convince someone who doesn’t know what they want that you know what you’re talking about?

It’s quite simple. You show results. That’s it.


After releasing hacks, tips, and such, ask people whether they took your advice and whether it worked for them.


#3 One of the Most Effective Content Tips is Storytelling

Tell your story. Highlight your defining moments. Talk about your struggles, difficulties, and how you used your expert knowledge to solve problems.

Talk about where your expertise has taken you.


Talk about huge projects you’ve taken, big partners you’ve worked with.

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You should also share the story of people you’ve helped, clients who’ve gone away from your business feeling satisfied. These are all compelling stories for your potential clients!


#4 Tell People What You Do

You may think that everyone knows what you do.

But they don’t.


Tell the world over and over again what it is you do.

Be specific.


What does your course do?

What can they expect after buying your course?


Why should they buy your item?

Keep on telling them this, and you’ll be imprinted in their minds.

So when that need eventually arises— and it will, they will know that they know someone who can meet it.


#5 Lead Magnets

Before I start, let me just say this; I love lead magnets. They are essential to be seen as the go-to expert.

And I know I talk about them a lot. So if you want to hear more about them, make sure you check out this week’s episode!


If you want to start developing your own lead magnets and sales funnels (and see your engagement and sales SKYROCKET), contact me today, and our team can get you started on a plan that is best for you your business. I’m excited to hear from you!

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