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3 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media



3 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media

Wondering how to stand out on social media?


Let me ask you a question: do you want to stand out, or do you want to be outstanding?

If you’re here, I’m pretty sure you want to be outstanding. So, I’m going to walk you through three insane methods that will help your brand be outstanding on any platform.


It doesn’t matter if it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube.

If you put these three methods into practice, you will see measurable results in no time at all.

The #1 Tip to Stand Out On Social Media: Be Authentic

The number one rule of most businesses is profitability.

You want to make money; you want your accounts to be in the black, not in the red.


But if you’re going to be the face of your business, and if you’re going to use social media to leverage your expansion goals, then the number one rule for you is to be authentic.

You cannot be profitable if you’re running a business on social media without being authentic.


If you’re living a life of a lie or trying to hoodwink your followers with an inauthentic vibe, they will notice.

It’s the most important foundation you can build for your business, and once you get that done, profitability will follow you.


Profitability follows authenticity, just like that.

So, how can you be authentic?

  • Get on Instagram live.
  • Let people hear your voice.
  • When you communicate with clients, let them match a face and voice to the texts you’re sending them.
  • Be your unique self.
  • Show your goofy side.
  • And remember, everyone loves a good growth story.

That’s why the early fans of global superstars are always so territorial about them. Imagine you were part of the very first people to hear Justin Bieber sing.

Or imagine Kanye West was from your city, and you’d watched him grow into the legend he is today.


You would certainly feel a powerful connection to him.

It’s the same with brands.


If you take your audience along with you on your growth journey— if you share disappointments, milestones, and everything else in-between with them, they will certainly develop a deep relationship with you, as long as you don’t do something very wrong.

They will stick with you, all because they know you.


And that’s something billions of advertising dollars cannot buy.

Now another tip is about showing up as an expert.


#2 Show Up As An Expert

People will listen to you if you have value: in this case, you have the information that people need! You get to be the expert!

So, how do you show up as an expert?


Well, here’s one secret; you don’t have to know everything.

I like to say that everyone who owns a business and is trying to leverage social media to expand is already becoming an expert.

I mean, you started your own business.


You had the good sense to know that social media can be a great expansion tool.

So, you know something.


The point to start from is to share what you know now.

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And then, as time goes on, continue to increase your knowledge aggressively.

Never stop learning because, trust me, the people you’re trying to stand out on social media from never stop learning too.


#3 Be Visible

You can have a hundred thousand engagements on a video, and it’ll not reflect on your balance sheet.

Why does this happen?


It happens when your content isn’t the sort of content the audience wants to see, so it doesn’t have the same effect and doesn’t convert at all.

That’s what I mean by being visible.


I mean to be visible to people that need the services of goods you’re offering.

Find out where these guys hang out— is it Twitter or Facebook, or Instagram?

What trends do they follow?


What conversations can you put yourself in that will make them see you faster?

Those are the questions you need to answer.


Once you figure those out, you need to get to those areas as quickly as possible and put yourself in those conversations.

That way, the ideal prospective clients you’re on the lookout for will see you and understand your value proposition. You’ll be visible!


If you follow these three steps religiously, you’re sure to see measurable changes in your business.

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