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How to Make People Respect and Trust Your Brand on Instagram



How to Make People Respect and Trust Your Brand on Instagram

Do you know the one thing that makes it easier for you to sell or attract a following on Instagram?

If you don’t know that one thing, I’m sorry to break it to you. You’ll likely have minimal success on Instagram.

So what is that one thing?

Trust and authority.

Okay, okay, that’s technically two things, but they totally go together.

No one will listen to or buy from someone that they don’t trust.

But how do you get people to trust you?

How do you get them to trust the brand you’re building?

It’s quite simple.

You make sure you’re an authority on the kind of thing you’re doing.

It doesn’t matter whether you sell cardigans or run a restaurant— once you get people to believe and trust your brand, your Instagram game will go from zero to a hundred.

Let’s explore this.

To sell, you need people to trust you.

For them to trust you, they must understand and see you as an authority.

But how can that happen?

In this episode, I’ll teach three easy and quick-fire ways to build an authoritative brand that people can trust on Instagram.

I believe that if you follow these three steps, you’ll see immediate and measurable changes to your bottom line.

#1 Offer Helpful Advice

If you want people to listen to you, you better be saying something worth listening to.

It’s all good to post cute pictures with quirky captions— but sometimes you’ve got to dig deep and offer some value to the people following you.

No one is ever going to take your word on something if your word has never helped them!

A good example of this; if you sell shoes or run a brand that sells shoes, it may be smart for you to release content that tells people how to clean certain kinds of shoes without damaging or affecting the colour.

That’s helpful advice, and once your followers start taking it, they’ll learn to look out for your content because It just might help them.

#2 Get On Their Level

When you’re trying to build a brand, you have to convince your followers that you know what you’re talking about and that what you’re talking about is important to them.

I’m sure you know that not everyone is a potential client, so you don’t have to get on everyone’s level.

However, some people are your dream clients— they are precisely the sort of people you are searching for, and you need to make sure that you’re talking to their pain points.

This, of course, means that you need to have a clear understanding of your dream clients, their pain points, and how best to reach them.

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You probably have a vague idea of all these details in your head, but I’ll suggest you write them down. Once you do, you’ll have more concrete ideas on how to reach them.

Some questions you might want to answer when figuring how to get on your dream clients’ level is this;

What keeps them up at night?

What makes them worried?

What’s holding them back?

Once you can answer these questions, you’ll have a more concrete understanding of how to get on their level.

#3 Hang Out Where Other Experts Hang

If you want to build an authoritative brand on Instagram, then you must know other authoritative brands.

The best way to attract new clients and convince those who follow you that you’re an authority on the matter is to prove yourself amongst other authorities.

This means that you should be hanging out where other experts hang out in your industry, and you should offer your expert opinions frequently on these platforms.

You should also give your opinions when experts talk, and you should ask tough questions when possible.

Now, there are four more steps you need to follow that will transform your brand from a regular one to an authoritative one that people can trust.

But these three should set you right on your way.

If you want to learn about the remaining four steps, watch my video and check out the link in the description!

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