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How to Write a Compelling Post



How to Write a Compelling Post

Today’s blog is all about how to write a compelling post…

… one that stops the scroll…

… that grabs attention…

AND encourages not only engagement but ACTION.

To make it super simple for you – there are three main pieces to writing a compelling post on social media.

The hook, the value and the call to action.

Let’s dive into the hook section first.

The hook is how you are going to get someone to notice you, and the entire goal is to get them to click that “read more” button on your post.

It’s enticing them, creating curiosity, and also pre-framing WHO you want to attract.

Those one or two lines is a powerful aspect of writing a post that will convert well for you and your business.

Let me ask you this…

What line is more powerful to you?

My secret is not to eat carbs after 7 pm.


Can I share a secret with you?

What one entices you to want to hear more?

If you thought of the second option, you are right my friend.

In the first option, which was “My secret is not eating after 7 pm”…there’s NO room for curiosity…

… because I’ve already told them what that secret is.

The only reason and I mean it when I say this… the only reason they would click read more is if they want to hear more specifically about carbs.

The other post…

The “can I share a secret with you” post isn’t giving away the secret right off the bat and making people wonder what the secret is.

Make sense?

The next step of your post is the value.

The questions and curiosity in the previous sections have to be answered here.

Did your hook promise to solve a problem they are currently facing?

Did it promise to entertain them?

Did it promise to educate them on a specific topic?

This is where you deliver on your promise.

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You want to make sure the reader leaves this section feeling like they spent their time wisely. This is the part that shows if you know your stuff or if they should actually engage with you.

I obviously can’t tell you exactly what to write in this section because that will depend on your audience, your voice and the message you want to share with them…

However, a few ideas you could fill this section with are:

Speaking to a specific pain point

Answer questions that you are asked most often.

Share a story of how you went from point A to B or maybe even how you helped one of your clients get to that spot.

Share testimonials that you’ve received from your clients

And when you can do that, the last piece of the puzzle is your call to action.

The call to action is what you are telling your viewer to do next.

So it’s asking them a question, inviting them to comment, click a link, send a direct message, drop a GIF, share the post, tag a friend.

Whatever the GOAL is for your post is what your call to action should be about.

The call to action is one quick to do, not multiple options.

Give ONE option of what YOUR specific goal is for that particular post.

This is just a taste of this week’s episode. Head on over to the video for even more examples!

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