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What Type of Digital Offer Should I Create?



What Type of Digital Offer Should I Create?

Digital offers are effective incentives that encourage your customers and followers to
respond to a call to action.

Now, here’s the fun part: there are SO MANY kinds of digital offers that you can provide
your audience.

Your digital offer could be an eBook.

It could be a video or podcast on how to use your product.

It could also be courses, memberships, and discounts.

And the list goes on!


As humans, we tend to like freebies. Come on, don’t deny it.

You will most likely open an email that has FREE on its subject line than otherwise.

It’s why Black Friday is popular all around the world. People like to get more for less.

Ok, Sure, But What Are the Benefits?

Giving digital offers to your audience has several benefits.

1. Increases Brand Loyalty

One, it builds a loyal customer base. The more valuable your offer is, the more your audience will appreciate your brand and stick around.

And of course, they will refer your brand to their friends and families.

2. Gain New Audience

Freebies tend to create a buzz.

A Buy Two, Get One Free poster in front of a doughnut shop translates to a hungry mob of pastry lovers.

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Lead Generation

When you give out digital offers via your website or other platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, your brand gets more awareness, and you gain a new audience. This often translates to an increase in engagement and sales.

3. Makes it Clear What Your Brand Offers

Digital offers make your existing and potential audience really understand what you offer as a brand.

We tend to be wary of patronizing businesses as first-timers.

With several similar brands available, people go through a back-and-forth process of weighing the pros and cons, comparing your brand to other brands.

Your digital offer, however, is the tip of the iceberg.

It’s an introduction to what your brand represents and the problems it will solve in your audience’s lives.

Digital offers simply say: Try it before you buy it.

Before creating a digital offer, there are some factors you might want to take into consideration: its purpose, what problem it solves, and who your audience is.

For the full lowdown on what you need to consider, watch this week’s episode.

Digital offers are fun and exciting, and I want you to enjoy the process of creating and giving them to your audience.

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