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How to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ads Manager



How to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ads Manager

For people who are new to Instagram advertising, the process of creating ads might be overwhelming.

But that should not be the case.

Armed with the information, we shared last week and today’s episode, you will be ready to run a successful advertising campaign on Instagram using the Facebook Ads Manager.

Let’s begin!

Using Facebook Ads Manager

Before we dive into the step-by-step process, it’s important first to discuss the 3-part structure of Facebook Ads Manager.

Knowing how these three parts work together is essential to the success of your Instagram ads.

3 Part Structure to Facebook Ad Manager

Campaign Level

This is the foundation of every ad you will make on the platform. It houses all your assets.

It is where you will choose your campaign objective and set a campaign budget.

Ad Set Level

The Ad Set Level determines how your ad should run.

It is where you can define your Audience, choose your ad’s placements, set the budget, and schedule when you want your ads to run.

Ads Level

The final level houses your actual ads, what your audience will see.

This is where you will set up your ad creatives, choose the formats, and set up your ad tracking.

Another way you can look at it would be to think back to how you organize all your photos on your hard drive for the year.

Let’s say we have a main folder for travelling. Meaning that anytime we travel somewhere new, we will upload all the photos under our “travel folder.”

This folder will act as your campaign level.

Now within the travel folder, we have multiple photos of all the individual locations.

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So, you are organizing your travel folder into mini folders. I have one for New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Mexico. And so on.

This is your ad set level- all the different “places” you’ve been or all the different audiences you are running to

And last but not least, you have all the individual photos inside those mini photo folders showcasing your trip.

So, under my Australia folder, I have hundreds of photos from my trip. This is our ad level.

All the different individual ads that you want to show different audiences with the same campaign goal.

Makes sense? Great!

Are you ready to learn the step-by-step process to create your own Instagram ad? Watch the full video below!

If you’re still unsure if Instagram Ads are for you and need some consulting, I’m here to help. Instagram Marketing and Advertising is my specialty! Shoot me a message HERE.

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