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You MUST Build A Facebook Page to Run A Business Online



You MUST Build A Facebook Page to Run A Business Online

Do you have a Facebook page for your business?

With more than 700 million active users on Facebook, this social network has truly revolutionized the way we do business and reach out to new customers.

If you take a close look at those who you personally look up to you will see that any reputable brand or person who is good at what they do has a strategically active Facebook page with an engaged audience.

In this week’s video I take you through everything Facebook, from Ads to videos. I also explain why you need a business page vs using your personal Facebook page for your business or brand.

I want to encourage you to either go out and build a business page, or even just inspire you to give more attention to your current page! And ultimately I want to help you combat some of that resistance that you may have around using a Facebook Page.

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You might be asking yourself;

“But why is building a Facebook page so important when I already have a website?”

Look at your Facebook page as though it’s the window display to your shop, if you’ve neglected your window display in your store no one will come into your shop. Doing business in 2020 means that your Facebook page needs just as much attention, optimization and strategic work as your website! And let me tell you there are just so many tools you can harness in doing so.

“What are some of the functions I can unitize on Facebook that will help scale my business?”

My favourites are:

✔️Facebook Ads
✔️Scheduling content
✔️The shop feature
✔️Strategically using video content


Again, I explain all of these in more detail and how they can help your business in my video.

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