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Boost Social Engagement for Free



Boost Social Engagement for Free

“Help! I feel like no one is watching or liking my social media content!”

How do I boost my social engagement?

Ouch… perhaps this resonates all too well, it’s something we’ve all been through at some point along the digital marketing journey.

Did you know that on social media most people are only reaching 1-3% of their total followers?!

That’s crazy when you think about it right? Imagine all the opportunities that have been lost.

When building a business online this is one of the biggest problems people face when trying to scale. But really…

They are just lacking a few simple strategies that will significantly boost their social media presence!

In fact, there are 4 actionable strategies you can adopt immediately for your social media that are FREE.

So let’s dive in…

Why is engagement on social media so important?

In order to attain successful social media marketing within your business, you will need to engage your audience. Basically, the way the algorithms work is, if you have a very engaged audience you’ll be rewarded with increased visibility within the news feed or discovery page.

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Is there something working for yourself or other businesses now?

Before checking out my video I encourage you to firstly reflect on all of the activity you currently have and make some meaningful conclusions. Ask yourself; were there any particular content types that saw a spike in engagement? Were there any posting times you constantly saw an increase in engagement?

Then I want you to go to your dream business on social media, you know that business where you LOVE everything they do, in your eyes they are flawless in their delivery, and analyze the same things. All of this information will help you plan your social media schedule.

So what now?

The rest I have broken down for you in video form…

In the video I have made for you, I talk about 4 powerful things you can do to boost your social engagement for FREE. I’ve also highlighted a few easy mistakes people often make so you can avoid wasting time doing so along the way.

“Social media is here to connect people.”

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