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Grow your email list with an engaged audience



Grow your email list with an engaged audience

Today I’m talking about two things that undoubtedly go hand-in-hand; successful entrepreneurs and email lists!

No doubt you already have an email list, but is it growing and being nurtured by leads? The two complaints I hear from entrepreneurs very often comes down to reaching more clients and selling them.

“I hate selling.”

“I’m not good at selling.”

“I don’t know any more people.”

“I’d rather wait for people to come to me.”

Well, guess what? You can. You can generate leads on automation with a lead magnet.

What is a lead magnet?

Using a lead magnet is similar to when you dangle a carrot in front of a bunny, or when you put the worm in front of the fish. Your lead magnet is a bait to attract those people that you want into your bubble. The most common type of lead magnets is free giveaways, ebooks, downloads, and video series. It’s essentially a way to get people’s attention, collect their email in hopes that they will soon turn into a client or customer.

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Why is this important for my business?

The fact is most visitors on a website don’t buy anything on their first visit. And that’s why you need a lead magnet, to remind them of your offer and eventually when they are ready they will purchase. Imagine if you could capture every person who enters your website! It’s possible you just need the right tools in place.

If you are looking for lead generation of highly targeted prospects, lead magnets are a simple, automated, effective way.

Plus, it will run for you 24/7, 365 days a year, AND around the entire world if you want it too!

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