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Super Easy Ways To Turn Website View into Warm Leads



Super Easy Ways To Turn Website View into Warm Leads

Warm Leads

This week’s episode is all about simplifying the process of getting warm leads – potential clients who are probably already interested in purchasing your product or service.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to use your website – but not just any kind of website.

A sales funnel.

There is a big difference between your average website and a sales funnel.

Website Vs. Sales Funnel

The main way I’d explain the difference…

Is that a website is a virtual information hub about your business. It’s a high-level approach to everything you do and offer.

For example, let’s say you are a mortgage agent, and you have multiple “people” that you can help.

You list on your website that you do spousal buyouts, do first-time home buyers, you do commercial mortgages.

You list them all.

You list how to contact you; you have a blog; you have a section that tells you who you are.

It’s essentially a glossy brochure about your business.

There are so many details, so many moving parts, so much stuff to see and read.

That’s a website, and they are very important.

But a sales funnel is entirely different.

It may resemble a website because you click on a domain, and a new “page” opens on your screen…

But if you pay attention and look…

You’ll notice there are zero distractions on a sales funnel. Or at least, that’s what it should be like.

A sales funnel essentially is a mock website that walks your prospect through step by step to get to that end goal of a sale.

A sales funnel is like a one-on-one conversation that you would have with someone in person.

Let’s say you are a realtor, for example.

You meet the prospect for the very first time.

They are testing you to see if they want to work with you.

You may need to build a relationship with them before saying, “yes, I want to work with you.”

Maybe you meet again for coffee, and you just get to know each other personally, and you let them in on why you do what you do.

The next time you see them, you share this story about how you helped another couple who reminded you of them…

And then, they agree to check out homes with you.

You start showing them all the different houses you know they’d like and are in their budget…

… you finally put the perfect offer in front of them.

The next step, they have to put in their offer, and then you go through purchasing the home and signing all the paperwork.

Imagine if the entire step up until you physically show them the houses automatically happened for you.

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That’s the power of a sales funnel.

There are many different ways to build a sales funnel, and there are many different routes we could go down with this.

Lead Generation

But first, let’s stick to the basic way to use them.

The first one, and possibly the most effective, is lead generation.

So, how do you set up a lead generation funnel?

First off, you’ll need a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a valuable offer or service that you will be giving out for free.

The goal of this lead magnet is basically to get the contact information of these interested people.

Before you send them the lead magnet you want to give away, you ask them to input their names and email address.

And then you send the lead magnet to them through the information they’ve provided.

And that’s it; you’ve generated warm leads.

There are several ways to set up your lead generation funnel; the options are pretty limitless.

But don’t worry, I got you.

Check out this week’s video or podcast episode, and I will hand over some of my favourite lead generation funnel ideas.

I will see you there!

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